Saturday, 30 May 2009

fairy dress

I made my daughter this fairy dress for her 2nd birthday - I knitted the bodice with circular needles and then kind of cobbled together the skirt with some gauzy fabric and elastic. I used some polka dot ribbon for straps. You can't see in this phot but the skirt fabric is shot through with gold. It is very very pink but looks cute. The original pattern was in a knittingbook from the library but I lost the pattern after I did the bodice and so I made the rest up! She still seems to prefer wearign her firefighter outfit though!


We have bought a run down bungalow on the edge of a village and are rebuilding it. Happily we now have chickens there, an old climbing frame and monkey bars. The chickens are great - there are four and they are laying every day - result is I am constantly thinking up egg recipes.... went to visit friends yesterday and we turned up with a quiche and a cake!
Plans for our new house are almost complete - it feels exciting and scary too, a big project and I can't quite believe we will be living there one day....