Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I didn't knit this....

I didn't knit these wrist warmers.  

Or these fingerless gloves.  

I didn't knit this toddler hat.
Or these flower brooches.
But I did buy them all back in early October from a group of older ladies who knit to raise funds for the local hospice.  I have wrapped them all up as christmas gifts.
Much as I would like to make many gifts, it is unlikely to happen due so this is maybe the next best thing.   Now, if only those ladies could knit me up an i-pad and dslr, that would be great.  Are you making Christmas gifts this year?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sewing with many stupid errors...finally an FO

I have finally finished my Ottobre tunic-tee shirt.
Here is the magazine image.

Having posted that the neckband was too short I realised (red faced, coughs)  that I had cut the neckband the wrong way...following the grain, not across.

Ooops.  I recut the neckband (luckily I had enough fabric left) and it was way way stretchier.  Are all you sewists laughing at my stupidity?

Then, I sewed the new neckband  on but it was now too big!  The neckband lay beautifully at the front but stuck up at the back. I wore the shirt a few times but was alawys concious of my crummily sewed neckband.  So finally I unpicked it, trimmed a little excess and reattached it.  School half term interrupted my progress at this. (Oh, those pesky children.)

Some stats:
Pattern from Ottobre Autumn/Winter 2013 pattern 1
I cut a 36 neck and shoulders and graded out to a 38 at the bust and stayed at 38 the rest of the way down to the hem.Next time, I would consider making the neck maybe 34 but keep the bust 38.
I used grey jersey bought from ebay.  I really like this jersey, it has just the right weight and feel or my liking.
For the neckband and pocket,  I used the remainder of my Oliver and S spotty yellow jersey bought in the Backstitch sale and used for a Renfrew.

The top sews up really fast, especially if, unlike me, you don't muck up the neckband.

I have worn it A LOT.  Especially with my memade skinny jeans.  It fits well and isn't tent like from the side!  It is a great little autumnal top suitable for my unglamorous life running after Rocket Girl!

Am I making it again?  Uh, yeah!  The pattern is made as a "normal" tee or the longer dress version. I am considering making both as I love having utilitarian everyday clothes that I like and that I made myself! Just got to think about fabric choices...and trying to stick to my resolution to sew up some stash  before buying any new fabric.

 Only one problem remains regarding this top....I have worn it so much that it now sports grease stains!  Yuk.  Any advice on removal?