I am a terrible over explainer, so will try to keep this succinct. 

  • I have been sewing since I was about 17, but had a loooong break from it and began seriously sewing again about 5 years ago.
  • I originally trained a painter but find that impossible to do with my current life, so sewing fulfills my desire to be creating.
  • If I have done some sewing or making my day is just much happier. 
  • I have three children, T age 10, Little I age 6 and Rocket Girl, 22 months.
  • I am involved in the longest house renovation project with my other half, rebuilding a house in a smalll village.  Started 4 years ago we hope to be able to move in this year . 

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  1. I sat down tonight to do some sewing, but ended up reading your blog, pretty much from start to finish. The projects you have worked on are amazing, I don't know how you find the time?!! Very inspiring though - I hope to talk to you more about sewing as I (ahem) attempt to develop my skills... Thank you so much for pointing me to your blog x