Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Four things

1.  I am having camera problems. Firstly I thought my camera battery had expired,I put in my charger but nothing happened. So I bought two replacement batteries. Now they too have died and I am starting to think it may be the charger. So I sorted the kitchen drawers and found a collection of old chargers and cables. I spent a happy half hour trying cable and plug combinations. No power still. Now what?  I started googling chargers for a canon camera. Pictured are two of the reasons why my camera battery runs low.  If Rocket Girl spies the camera she is off taking snaps. My camera is added to the ever expanding list of Things I Must Hide.  This includes the obvious such as sewing scissors, but also any make up, jewellery, torches, money,decent pens....

 2.  Rocket Girl has discovered woodwork at nursery.  She made this.  It is "a spinner". I don't know what that means either. Today she has gone in planning to build a woodwork model of her best friend who happens to be a dog.  I foresee tears.

I finished sewing my 1980s wrap dress a couple of weeks ago. Obviously I am unable to show you proper pictures but here are a couple of peeks I took before the camera battery debacle.  I like it.  I am hoping it will look relaxed, minimalist chic and not too much like a cleaning overall.
It is reversible!  And it has big sidepockets.  These two things alone make me happy.  

4.  With the denim scraps I started sewing little jeans for dolls. I feel like the Shoemaker's wife.  I am hoping to make some more clothes to be wrapped up for Christmas.  I am hoping to enable Barbie to  step away from her princess/hooker dress habits. The observant will see these dolls' clothes are made from a Simplicity pattern.  My neighbour gave them to me as she had duplicate copies.  Seriously,who knew that these tiny patterns existed?  I didn't.