Friday, 21 December 2012

Late to the party - bits and bobs

We have  been struck down by seasonal coughs and colds and a stomach bug.  Yuk.  Yuk. Yuk. I knew I was ill as I didn't want to read any blogs! Apologies for lack of comments.  I now have two recovering kids off school so any reading is out of the window.   But fingers crossed we are recovering now.  Today,  I have been dealing with the seasonal sink unblocking.  And the seasonal five year old tantrum.  Oh and the unseasonal car repair bill.   Ho ho ho. 

I have completed just one present this year

Finished and ready for posting - a scarf from my granny hexagons.  Some of them turned out to be octagons but never mind!  I edged them all with pale grey thrifted wool and stitched them up to make a bright textured scarf for an old friend. 

Christmas bits and pieces are appearing around the house. 

While Rocket Girl slept last week I finally, finally, FINALLY, cut out my first Renfrew.  I am so late to the Renfrew party.  All the cool sewers have moved onto to something else I know.  I bought the pattern in May, so it has been waiting 6 months.  I am using some purple cotton jersey given to me by the lovely Scruffybadger.  Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I sew it up. 
Tova pattern hanging up
I also finally printed out my Tova pattern last week (I am so late to that party too) which I bought as a PDF about 6 months ago.  Now I am just sticking it together, which so far is straightforward.  I know I won't get any work done on it till after New Year and the return to school. 

So anyway, I hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday.  On Sunday  I am off to stay in a house with no internets....eeek.  The good news for me is I am not cooking Christmas dinner, tee hee.  See you on the other side. xx

Have a chocolate, go on....

Friday, 7 December 2012

More drowning than waving

By this title I mean, drowning in the sea of chaos, not actual water. 
I was tempted to title this post "Help!"  -  I have been feeling a lot more overburdened recently with various things.   I have found myself shouting and being grumpy.  I am trying to make a concerted effort not to be so grouchy and not to shout but, you know what?  It's hard somedays. 

So here's what I have done to alleviate shouting...and get organised.  So far.  It's a work in progress.

"drawback???? Who is she calling a drawback? "
Using a  suggestion from the book "Organized Home" , I created a "launch pad"* for T and one for Little I.  They are only plastic trugs but in them goes anything for school.  At the end of the day they put their school bags in them.  When there are letters to return, musical instruments, wellies, whatever I put them in the launch pad.  This was partly clear the space in our hallway with stuff dropped anywhere and to stop having that awful panic at the last minute when something has been forgotten or misplaced.  This worked well till we hit the drawback.  The drawback is...a very cute drawback...but one who is now trying to pull herself up to standing and plastic trugs do not support that weight.  She also is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth so I have to find a new home for the launch pads.

Random seaside illustration
2.  In the summer I bought a charity shop rack and used it as rack for shoes near the front door.  No more shoes scattered across the house.  No more shouting "I don't know where my shoes are"  Result!  A few weeks ao I just had to move the rack of baby's reach as she was pulling herself up on it and eating shoes (mmmm...tasty).  So it has a new home by the kitchen back door. 

3.  I made weekly wall planners for T and Little I.  T is a scatterbrain, a total scatterbrain and I am trying to train him for taking more responsibility before going up to senior school in two years time.  I looked online for a weekely planner template then was struck by the idea of just drawing out my own.  T was so happy because I drew Yoshi on his.  "You were born to draw Yoshi, Mum" (I have now found the reason for my draw Yoshi.  I am soooooo glad I have cleared up that question). 

* Try telling a logical thinking five year old that l'aunch pad' is a metaphor for launching them into their day, "no, it's not for a rocket, no, really nothing to do with rockets"....she looked at me as if I were insane. 
Any more organisational tips?  Or shall I just quit now and lie down in my own chaos?