Friday, 21 December 2012

Late to the party - bits and bobs

We have  been struck down by seasonal coughs and colds and a stomach bug.  Yuk.  Yuk. Yuk. I knew I was ill as I didn't want to read any blogs! Apologies for lack of comments.  I now have two recovering kids off school so any reading is out of the window.   But fingers crossed we are recovering now.  Today,  I have been dealing with the seasonal sink unblocking.  And the seasonal five year old tantrum.  Oh and the unseasonal car repair bill.   Ho ho ho. 

I have completed just one present this year

Finished and ready for posting - a scarf from my granny hexagons.  Some of them turned out to be octagons but never mind!  I edged them all with pale grey thrifted wool and stitched them up to make a bright textured scarf for an old friend. 

Christmas bits and pieces are appearing around the house. 

While Rocket Girl slept last week I finally, finally, FINALLY, cut out my first Renfrew.  I am so late to the Renfrew party.  All the cool sewers have moved onto to something else I know.  I bought the pattern in May, so it has been waiting 6 months.  I am using some purple cotton jersey given to me by the lovely Scruffybadger.  Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I sew it up. 
Tova pattern hanging up
I also finally printed out my Tova pattern last week (I am so late to that party too) which I bought as a PDF about 6 months ago.  Now I am just sticking it together, which so far is straightforward.  I know I won't get any work done on it till after New Year and the return to school. 

So anyway, I hope you all have a peaceful and happy holiday.  On Sunday  I am off to stay in a house with no internets....eeek.  The good news for me is I am not cooking Christmas dinner, tee hee.  See you on the other side. xx

Have a chocolate, go on....


  1. We've all been sick around here too! The sink clogging and the car repair doesn't sound fun either. The scarf is pretty though :) The Renfrew party is still happening because I haven't made mine yet either! ;)

  2. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! xx

  3. The holiday season is upon us! I hope you have a lovely time with your family. I am about as late to the Renfrew party as you are, no worries on that front :-), the scarf looks cheerful and cosy, I'm sure your friend will love it!

  4. Ahhh, you'll love the Renfrew! It's definitely not too late! Merry Christmas to you and a speedy recovery to the younguns!

  5. Pretty scarf!! Lovely co,ours and I like the curly twisty ness of it. Yes, you will love Renfrew, I'm glad you'll be a purple Renfrew maker too !! I must have made at least 7 of them so far!! Have a great Christmas Debbie, hope to see you in 2013 x

  6. Well done you for managing any homemade presents or dressmaking with small children. I might just have to copy that scarf I love it so much.

    Hope you're all feeling better very soon and have a lovely Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the dinner not cooked by you! I'm doing the same going to my parents! Woo! That scarf is amazing! Good luck with the renfrew!