Sunday, 19 February 2012

FO: No Tie Scarf Insanity

Okay so it may be slightly insane to have sewn something or even two somethings with a tiny baby in the house and while suffering sleep deprivation. But these are very simple fleece scarves with a pocket/loop thingy for easy fastening. I managed to make them last week without sewing my finger to the machine or any other such catastrophe. The need for them arose a couple of weeks ago when it had become bitterly cold and I was trying to persuade T to wear his scarf to school. His excuse was "But I can't tie it up". I was wondering about adding a looop to his existing scarf, but then I was leafing through Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson and my eye fell upon the no-tie scarf. Is n't that great when you realise you already have the pattern and the solution without having to buy more? The scarves require 4 pieces of fabric and are easy to make, if you had no baby in tow these scarves would probably only take 2 hours to make or even less.

I used some ebay fleece and some woven scraps for the pocket/loop bit. The book suggests using a woven fabric for the inner side of the carf but I chose to use fleece on both sides to make the scarf cosier. T's is orange and he opted for no trim. Little I's scarf has pink pompom trim as her clothing mantra is "more is more". The pocket bit is very clever and I couldn't figure out how it works till I made the scarf! That is due to my own inability to understand pattern instructions until I actually DO MAKE the pattern up, not to the instructions being unclear. I would recommend this pattern if you too want a simple no-tie scarf. I also am planning to make some more One Day as presents.

I am pleased with the finished scarves and T said I was "amazing" so I felt a brief glow of maternal satisfaction knowing the children had warm necks! That didn't last, T didn't think I was quite so amazing when I made him stop playing computer games and tidy the room instead (tee hee). And Little I loves her scarf but later told me I had "ruined my day" by making her eat her supper at the table, oh and washing her hair! (I know, my cruelty knows no bounds).

Thursday, 9 February 2012

bits and pieces - the view over here

The view after bedtime story (don't worry, I don't leave them both to sleep there, Rocket Girl does go in her moses basket)

3 and half weeks old

This is kind of a bits and pieces post...

Thank you to all of you who left good wishes here following baby news. It is so nice to feel part of this blogging/crafty community.

Life here is currently very domestic. We are set in a pattern of two hourly sleeps, lots of breast feeding and not too much else. Oh yes, quite a lot of gazing at baby who is changing daily. I make the odd foray to the shops when I have to. Last night I managed to go out to take the kids to their swimming lessons in a whole family outing that involved tag team parenting. Rocket Girl slept throughout the swimming lessons.

I had two weeks' grace without having to take the kids to school. Then just as the temperature outside fell, I was back on school run duty. Baby Rocket Girl gets well wrapped up and is out in the car at 8.20am. Luckily since it has been so icy, another mum at school will often take my two older ones from the car and walk them in for me. Next week we have a week's holiday from school- hurray! I am hoping the weather will warm up soon. I am now desperate for Spring and echo Alessa's sentiments in her recent post.

I thought I would share some thrifty finds here. The pictures have been hanging round my folder for a while now. The shoes I bought before Christmas in the charity shop near the school. They look unworn and were £4. They are Kurt Geiger (tres posh?) and will be so nice to wear with skirts or dresses when it warms up. The cardigan I bought at the start of January. It is Boden and is a lovely warm wool. I love the retro detailing and it has pockets, always a bonus. I have been wearing it a lot recently. Just befire Christmas, I also found a cream aran style cardigan, very granny-chic, from Damart, which I think is a true granny label. To me Damart is synonymous with thermal underwear catalogues, sensible vests and petticoats. Any one else? My cream cardigan has pockets and brown leather-look buttons. It is a synthetic substitute for the real wool aran cardigan I would love to own. It also has multiple food stains so is in the wash and unphotographed.

I have a little pile of Good Things to photograph and share soon. I have been lucky recently with receiving lovely stuff from fellow bloggers, and want to show you. I am just doing it slowly, so watch this space, I will get there eventually. x