Saturday, 28 December 2013

Planning and cutting

Before I allow myself to buy new  fabric I am determined to sew up some of my stash.  And I am determined to finish off my half made/ cut out projects.   As I typed up the list in this post, I could see there are enough plans here to keep me sewing for a long time.  I seem to have started more projects than I realised.

I  have cut out these high waisted winter shorts from Ottobre.  I used a hand loomed tweed that was in the binbags of inherited fabric.

The tweed is from Bovey Tweed in Devon.   I have used a cotton also from the binbags for the waist band facings and pocket linings.  I am uncertain as to whether tweed shorts will be a good or bad thing.  Let's just say they are a bit of an experiment.

I have pieces of bright pink and orange fleece left over from scarf making almost two years ago.  I am using the mitten pattern from Littlle Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson to make Rocket Girl and Little I some mittens.

I have almost finished making a tutu (also from Little Things to Sew)  this is for Little I.
I am halfway through making a yellow jersey Staple dress.  I lost interest in completing it three months ago!  It is gathering dust on my shelf.

I bought a lovely stepweave wool crepe about three years ago and then chickened out of using it!  I have cut it out to make a seasonal dress, but it is unlikely to get finished soon.

I seriously need an apron and was planning on using leftover denim from my skinny jeans to cobble one together.  Phew...what a list.

I am still planning on making my parka but need to sell a few bits on ebay to get the funds for the fabric!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Happy Christmas!  If you celebrate today, I hope it all goes well.  Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and everyone who leaves comments. I really do appreciate it :) 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


there's been a flu bug, followed by a sickness bug, followed by a different stomach bug....Little Rocket Girl's body clock has gone so haywire that she's frequently waking at 4am and not returning to sleep until  10 or 11am.  Some days with the older kids in school I have crawled back to bed and slept with her....consequently there's been no blogging time and not much blog reading.  Now it is holiday time so I am hoping to crack this 4am waking.  It's a killer.
Anyways, there's been some sewing reorganisation.  I went out and bought new needles for my machine...I found a local independent sewing machine engineer who serviced my machine for half the price of the services at the nearest sewing machine shop!  Plus he collected it and brought it home for me.  This was a fantastic service as I was stuck at home with ill kids.  So, now my machine is running smoothly, especially, since I read the section on thread tension in my handbook,there has been some sewing...using this "subtle animal print" jersey from Minerva Crafts sale section, 

I made a second Ottobre tunic, the first one is here

I have been wearing it almost daily.  It is warm and I just loves it.  I am ducking my head to avoid showing the horror of  my eye bags after the 4am wake ups.