Saturday, 28 December 2013

Planning and cutting

Before I allow myself to buy new  fabric I am determined to sew up some of my stash.  And I am determined to finish off my half made/ cut out projects.   As I typed up the list in this post, I could see there are enough plans here to keep me sewing for a long time.  I seem to have started more projects than I realised.

I  have cut out these high waisted winter shorts from Ottobre.  I used a hand loomed tweed that was in the binbags of inherited fabric.

The tweed is from Bovey Tweed in Devon.   I have used a cotton also from the binbags for the waist band facings and pocket linings.  I am uncertain as to whether tweed shorts will be a good or bad thing.  Let's just say they are a bit of an experiment.

I have pieces of bright pink and orange fleece left over from scarf making almost two years ago.  I am using the mitten pattern from Littlle Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson to make Rocket Girl and Little I some mittens.

I have almost finished making a tutu (also from Little Things to Sew)  this is for Little I.
I am halfway through making a yellow jersey Staple dress.  I lost interest in completing it three months ago!  It is gathering dust on my shelf.

I bought a lovely stepweave wool crepe about three years ago and then chickened out of using it!  I have cut it out to make a seasonal dress, but it is unlikely to get finished soon.

I seriously need an apron and was planning on using leftover denim from my skinny jeans to cobble one together.  Phew...what a list.

I am still planning on making my parka but need to sell a few bits on ebay to get the funds for the fabric!


  1. Ah the ever present UFO's! Holidays are the ideal time for sneaking in a bit of sewing don't you think? I reckon I would start with those mittens as I think they would sew up really quickly and give you some motivation for the rest. I really like the sound of a yellow dress!

  2. Oh, those little mittens look so sweet! I'm so impressed you're attacking your UFO's-- that's never easy to do!

  3. Well, the good things about UFOs is that they are usually faster to finish then entirely new projects, right? :) Happy Sewing! (And a happy new year!)

  4. Oooh! These look like great projects that would be much loved and in constant rotation in your wardrobe. The UFO pile can get a little scary, can't it? But luckily, as Alessa said, you're already well on your way towards completion for some of them!