Thursday, 20 August 2015


 Recently I sewed up a woven tee shirt using the
"Simple Modern Sewing" book and scraps of fabric.  The neckline is too big due to my hasty late night cutting.  But naturally I have a plan to rectify this.

Recently I also took my three children away on the train, to Glasgow.

So no sewing for a few days, just many parks, museums, eating out and a lot of walking.  I would like a medal for taking them on a 4 hour journey and staying in a hostel.  The big two were very good and Rocket Girl was, well, she was a three year old! As you can see in the picture below.  She is laughing here, not crying.

Interestingly, the older children loved Glasgow and say it has changed their ideas about living in a city.  So maybe next year I can be brave enough to take them to London?  I have been promising a trip there for a long time.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Holiday trousers- Cropped Portfolio Trousers

I made a stash busting pair of summer trousers.  I had been eyeballing printed trousers on other people for a while now.  Then while I was trying ineffectually to clear some of my fabric stash, I started pairing fabric pieces with potential patterns this piece of dark blue woodblock printed cotton from my mum's stash suggested itself to me as cropped trousers.

 There was only just enough fabric to cut the trousers out.  I used the Simplicity /Lisette 2245 Portfolio pattern which I used and hashed up here.  It is a simple trouser pattern, just front and back legs and then a front and back "yoke" and a side zip.  I left off the decorative tabs as I had such a small piece of fabric.  This time I was delighted that I cut a size 12 and they fit.  Last time I couldn't squeeze into them once I attached the waist yoke, took it off and added an elastic casing.  I hasten to add I was a tiny bit pregnant at that time. I still wear those trousers, even with the elastic waist, they are now my goto trousers for the messiest play days and playgroups.

There is not much to say about making these up.  I had cut the trousers out about a month ago and then rediscovered them at the bottom of the ironing pile.  I didn't have enough of the woodblocked fabric for the waistband so I used a plain dark blue cotton that also came from my mum's house.  I couldn't lay my hands on the pattern instructions so I just sewed them up. The trousers are just very straightforward, two back darts to add a bit of shape and a side zip.  I like the lack of bulk, the lack of roominess and the lack of pleats in this pattern.  I see potential in this pattern and I would like to make it again in a grey or black ever so slightly drapey fabric for a  more formal look.  I am starting to apply for jobs and need something neutral and smart if I ever ever ever get an interview!  Please any advice on what sort of fabric would be up to the job?

Back to this particular pair, they are great summer holiday trousers. Simple and comfortable, I look down and wonder if I am in pyjamas every now and then.  Isn't that what summer holiday clothes should feel like?  But, and there always seems to be a but, I don't seem to have many tops suitable to go with these trousers. So many of my tops are patterned.   In my mind I can see exactly what I need, but I can't translate that into reality. I would really like a white or cream squarish shape tee, probably woven fabric. Oh and maybe a red one too.  It dawns on me that a Portfolio top would go well with these trousers...though I have my eye on a couple of other pattern options.  But I am stumped for fabric choices again.  Help anyone?