Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumnal home tour

Warning: this post is strictly tongue in cheek and may upset those who prefer a model house with pinterest worthy interiors. 

Welcome to the autumnal home tour with Minnado's House.  Our hostess keeps grinning fixedly as she removes a piece of half chewed broccoli  from under her foot and deftly flicks dried banana from her hair.  Here you can see the capriciously curated Shelves of Doom. 

Watch out for the walls so wittily decorated with toddler scribble.  The dining table looks great with random papers and disconnected speakers.  

And don't you just love the still life in the bedroom, "Old computer parts"  Who wouldn't love to wake up to this?    

Don't you just love the organisational system here??
Our hostess offers a useful tip, "Give the vacuum cleaner to a child and set them to work",

Monday, 7 October 2013

sewing here and now

Some sewing has been going on this past week...although my machine is being frustratingly erratic.  Sometimes it sews well, other times the bobbin thread breaks or the bobbin jams...

 I am wondering if it is my use of cheap sewing thread causing thread breakage mid seam? Or an upper thread tension problem?  Or the need for a new needle?

Whatever it is, I am feeling so frustrated that last night I considered packing in the sewing and taking it all to the charity shop!   My sewing time is soooo limited now that it is doubly annoying when things go wrong.  Last night I sat unpicking the neckband for the Ottobre tunic (pictured in top image).  The pattern calls for a slight stretching of the neckband when fitting.  No way was mine long enough even with major stretching so I unpicked it, needing to go back and recheck my pattern tracing.  Grrrrrrr....does anyone else go wrong like this?