Thursday, 24 September 2015

Today - a mind dump post

Today I took Rocket Girl to a play group that I gave up on last year as I found it too much like hard work.  I stayed half an hour, lost my nerve and went home. I had a little cry, feeling as if I were back at school, thinking I don't know why I cannot fit in and make friends there.  I'm not sure why I find it so hard as I am fine at other groups. I don't really think it is full of evil  witches.  I think some groups just suit and some don't.  Better just to stick to the venues we like.  Maybe I am hormonal. We went home, sat in the garden, drank cocoa (RG) and coffee (me) and made cakes which is Rocket Girl's current obsession.  Feel much better now.

Today I am waiting for a new camera battery to arrive so I can start photographing again.  I have never had a camera battery give up the ghost before.  I would love to show you my two charity shop scores from last week, a Toast coat (hehe) and a big bright bright deep tangerine sweater.  Instead here are some images from when we went to a touring  luminarium in August.  It was fabulous, a mix of cathedrals in sci fi crossed with  contemplative spaces...if it comes to a town near you, I  would recommend a visit.  Even the reluctant twelve year old loved it and sighed "Why can't this always be here?"

Today I am gazing at my newly purchased 80's wrap dress  pattern and kicking my heels as I wait for my ebay fabric to arrive.  I had a great plan to sew this dress in a dark denim as a pinafore.  I have some spotty denim already here but I am not sure a spotty wrap pinafore is quite what I want, so I am restraining my impatient self.  If you do click the link, tell me, is this genius or idiocy to make this as a denim pinafore?

Today I am seriously thinking about my lack of a 21st century phone and all that that can offer. Yes, I still have an old push button phone. I can't access anything like Instagram on it.  I always refused to update until I have a job and an income but now even my twelve year old has a smart phone, (yes, I am paying for it).  I feel like a smart phone is the new normal and my dumbphone and me, well we are anachronisms.  It is slowly dawning on me that maybe it wouldn't cost a lot more than my old phone...AND I could take photos without my camera and its missing battery.

Today I am contemplating dyeing a Dottie Angel dress that I have just finished. I started sewing it a few weeks ago and then decided I hated it, it would not suit me and I didn't want to go down that route. It was the front shaping by tucks not darts that I didn't like.  I almost binned it and then a few days later I decided to try again and I enjoyed stitching it up.  But I didn't follow the instructions after the pocket construction, I just stitched it.  I made it from an old bed sheet of my mum's.  It is pink but I always intended to dye it grey.  I am just waiting for Rocket Girl to be at her nursery and then I can crack open the dye packet.  Fabric dye and my three year old do not mix, I think.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Style 3950 dress - channeling the seventies

I am very late posting about this dress.  I finished sewing it in July but then the summer holidays took hold and I couldn't find the time to get it photographed and written up.  Plus I have mixed feelings about the dress.  I like it on the hanger and I like how it feels on me.  But and this is a big BUT, I am not sure it actually looks that great on me.  

The pattern is Style 3590 from 1972 given to me by Philippa.

I used some ebay chambray - this is a mixed fabric I think, it has some stretch to it which I wasn't expecting.  I have a weakness for chambray fabrics I think they are so adaptable to sit with other colours and patterns. The pattern is really straightforward to sew up. It has a square yoke on the front and back and slightly puffed sleeves.  I added one inseam pocket just to hold my car key and emergency lego found objects, wax crayon, blu tack etc.

I used some vintage buttons that I found at a car boot for the dress.  These have sat in my button box for a couple of years and I was happy to have found a use for them.  They have a little diamond cutout in the centre.
There is something funny to me about a pattern that instructs you to buy a belt.  I have worn the dress belted and unbelted.  It is pretty full when unbelted but very comfortable on a hot day!  I am trying to think if I can make this dress wearable in autumn with layers and tights.  I am not sure.  I am also not 100% certain about a square neckline on me and all those gathers above the bust.  Not the most flattering look I think.  I just cannot quite make up my mind if this is a hit or miss.  I really wanted it to be so good that I may be trying to convince myself.  I hope I can drift around in it being a wholesome seventies mother, calm and hip drinking camomile tea while supervising child craft sessions.  Unfortunately it more likely I will be overcaffinated, stamping and shouting while cleaning green play dough off the ceiling and scraping cake dough off the floor. (Been reading too many seventies mum wanna be blogs again, must stop that)  It is my vintage pattern pledge make.  I am glad I made the effort to make it and to join in the vintage pattern pledge - I am a rubbish joiner-inner and have a vague notion It Would be Good For Me if I did more joining in.  Would it?  What are your thoughts on Joining In?  Is this a hit or miss dress?  Above bust gathers anyone?