Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Anti UFO project

A colourful dress for Little I, needs a zip and finishing off
I finished off my Salme Patterns Minna blouse, details in a future post
I have learnt through experience that signing up to online challenges is not a good thing for me as I rarely manage to complete them.  However I did decide to join in with Adrienne at
 All Style All Substance in her Anti UFO project.  I was hoping it will give me impetus to clear the backlog of UFOs cluttering up  my house.  The deadline is the 31st October and realistically I know I won't make it (partly as it is holidays from school from 23rd - 31st)  but I hope to get at least part of my UFOs out of the way.  

So far I have realised I have more UFOs than I first thought.  I have included two make that need mending.  Here's the list created three weeks ago: 
  1. Blue fish dress for Little I - needs zip, facing stitching down, sleeves hemming and hem.
  2. Salme Patterns Minna blouse - needs facing stiching down.
  3. Grey jersey dress for Little I - needs hemming
  4. Denim jacket - needs topstiching, collar finishing, cuffs, sleeve insertion
  5. Tova Blouse needs mending on the yoke seam
  6. Traveller dress - needs unpicking at waist, reinserting straighter!Buttonholes and buttons
  7. Vogue skirt needs new zip and buttonhole plus buttons
  8. Ottobre tweed shorts - half made
Having this list has really helped me to focus and concentrate.  I included a couple of already mades that needed altering or mending.  You can already see from the strike-throughs that I have accomplished some of the list.  This also shows how long I have been writing this post for! 

Tova blouse needed stitching up on the yoke 

A jersey dress for Little I, needs hemming and a neck band
A traveller dress, started for summer 2014, maybe it will be done for next summer
Taking part in this project reminded me to order a new twin needle and yesterday I sat down and did lots of topstitching on my denim jacket.  Phew...I am determined not to start any new sewing till this jacket is done!  Even though I am browsing patterns and thinking of plans in my head.  Is anyone else joining in the Anti UFO project?