Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Anti UFO project

A colourful dress for Little I, needs a zip and finishing off
I finished off my Salme Patterns Minna blouse, details in a future post
I have learnt through experience that signing up to online challenges is not a good thing for me as I rarely manage to complete them.  However I did decide to join in with Adrienne at
 All Style All Substance in her Anti UFO project.  I was hoping it will give me impetus to clear the backlog of UFOs cluttering up  my house.  The deadline is the 31st October and realistically I know I won't make it (partly as it is holidays from school from 23rd - 31st)  but I hope to get at least part of my UFOs out of the way.  

So far I have realised I have more UFOs than I first thought.  I have included two make that need mending.  Here's the list created three weeks ago: 
  1. Blue fish dress for Little I - needs zip, facing stitching down, sleeves hemming and hem.
  2. Salme Patterns Minna blouse - needs facing stiching down.
  3. Grey jersey dress for Little I - needs hemming
  4. Denim jacket - needs topstiching, collar finishing, cuffs, sleeve insertion
  5. Tova Blouse needs mending on the yoke seam
  6. Traveller dress - needs unpicking at waist, reinserting straighter!Buttonholes and buttons
  7. Vogue skirt needs new zip and buttonhole plus buttons
  8. Ottobre tweed shorts - half made
Having this list has really helped me to focus and concentrate.  I included a couple of already mades that needed altering or mending.  You can already see from the strike-throughs that I have accomplished some of the list.  This also shows how long I have been writing this post for! 

Tova blouse needed stitching up on the yoke 

A jersey dress for Little I, needs hemming and a neck band
A traveller dress, started for summer 2014, maybe it will be done for next summer
Taking part in this project reminded me to order a new twin needle and yesterday I sat down and did lots of topstitching on my denim jacket.  Phew...I am determined not to start any new sewing till this jacket is done!  Even though I am browsing patterns and thinking of plans in my head.  Is anyone else joining in the Anti UFO project?


  1. Good luck with finishing your UFOS!! Nice variety - at least you have heaps of choice and can maybe pick them off one by one according to what you feel like doing. And just think of all the new things for you and little I ....

    1. I need a bit of luck to finish them! Or maybe just to stay up later at night! XX

  2. Ooh I like the look of your new blouse - what a lovely colour! I've never heard of this project, but all my UFO's are alterations for my daughters. As soon as I clear the pile along come more, it's crazy. Then when I actually make myself do them they don't take very Long. I've never heard of this project, but I think it's a very good idea. I'm always reading about how sewers have loads of UFOs and it seems such a shame.

    1. I think you would like the All Style etc blog - she has some lovely makes. I think there is a tendency to leap at new projects sometimes, leaving a pile of UFOs. I seriously didn't think I had as many as I have. Thanks for the compliment re the blouse, I like the colour but think the actual shape unflattering. WIll have to show you more pics soon. xx

  3. plenty of choice to keep you interested! I have a couple of UFO's/ things to fix, but am waiting for eldest to find the time to try things on ( she seems swamped with homework t the moment) I finished some trousers yesterday and having worn them today I need to take the in at the center back. I am tempted to go upstairs in a mo to do that, then I can wear them again tomorrow!

    1. Yes, go and take in your trousers RIGHT NOW: ) Just joking. I am intrigued to see them though. xx

  4. I need to tackle some UFOS! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. That sounds like a sew-a-long I can get behind! You are cooking with gas! ;)

  6. I'm a little behind in my reading but it looks like you've scratched a few things off your list, shall keep my fingers crossed that you've managed to get them all finished. I think I need to join a UFO challenge, sounds like a great kick up the butt to get things finished!

  7. I love how productive you've been! So inspiring! So nice to be done with the boring sewing, isn't it? Now we can focus on all the FUN awaiting us! I'm so excited with what's next in my sewing pipeline. And I'm also super excited to see what you'll be making next. :-)