Saturday, 19 January 2013

View of my table

Thinking about fantasy sewing and space or rather lack of space led me to think up a new series for this blog.  I sew mostly on our dining table.  This table was given to me by some very kind friends a year ago.  They have a new table and their own grown up children had no use for the old table.  So guess what?  They are so kind that they delivered the table and four chairs for me.  I was heavily pregnant at the time and just stood and watched.  The table seats six and at a squeeze eight and has had a big positive impact on our family life as it is now so much easier to all sit together for a meal, to have friends round to eat, and to do various craft, play activities together.  The table has so many functions that I though  it could be a fun series of photos which in a sideways manner would reflect life and crafting over the year.  Let's see if I can keep this up for a year!
Week 1 - week of 14th January.
Here is a  (sideways) detail of the Parisian scene fabric, found in a bin bag of handmedowns.

If anyone fancies joining in with table pics, please do and let me know.  It could be your desk, sewing table or even bedside table...if there's interest I can set up a flickr group.   

UPDATE: I have created a View of my table flickr group:  Thank you to the three of you who wanted to join so far!  It is an invitation group so I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am hoping more people will join in, so spread the word. x

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sewing plans, sewing reality

So, I wasn't going to set myself any big resolutions or sewing plans but once I jotted down my UFOs and planned makes I already have quite a list. My over-riding aim is to try and be more thorough and calm in my approach to sewing, to think about fit and fabric quality and not to rush into projects.  To this end I have started sewing my Renfrew but first I bought the right colour thread.  Then I took the time to find the appropriate jersey needle for my machine.  I have been stopping to press the pieces when directed.  All tiny things but the kind of steps I will often skip over in haste and regret afterwards. 

In my fantasy-sewing land, (please imagine a Bach-type soothing soundtrack here) you know the one with no small (or large) children, oodles of peaceful spare time and copious space plus endless funds, I would like to sew some more tailored garments, I would love to tackle a jacket and know just which patterns and fabrics I would use.  I would like to make a well fitting dress, try out lots of indie pattern makers, draft my own patterns using Cal Patch's book....but (insert squeal of brakes here) let's get back to reality (cut out that calm Bach music), I am going to:
  • complete my first renfrew top

  • finish my Simplicity traveller dress (only buttonholes and buttons to go)
  • sew a tova - blouse or dress?  What a decision....maybe one of each?
  • sew Vogue 2147 totally copying Solvi and Scruffybadger - the skirt in some thrifted green cord or possibly some inherited tweed - (urgh, more decisions)
  • sew Rocket Girl some "quick change"  trousers from the Anna Maria Horner book Handmade Beginnings - using stash fabric
  • sew Little I a tutu from Liesel Gibson's book, Little Things  - fabric bought three months ago
  • Sew a wearable muslin Crepe dress
  • Sew a "proper" Crepe dress
    Full length trousers from Simple Modern Sewing book
    Tova pattern pieces printed from pdf
  • Blue linen-look trousers or shorts (yes, another decision needed here) ....I have the fabric and I am thinking of using Simple Modern Sewing for the pattern
  • Sew a Vogue 2147 top - no fabric for this yet....
  • Sew my girls summer dresses from some marimekko-like fabric rescued from my mum's stash

Phew, that's quite enough to be going on with.  Let the fun begin.....

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 - year of prints

Happy New Year!  It was a surprise to me as I put together my 2012 collage of me-mades, to see that I sewed almost entirely with prints this year.  I hadn't realised at all what a brightly patterned sewing year I had had.  There is still a very plain dark blue Simplicity Traveller dress awaiting buttonholes though, so that was my one plain sewing for me.   
Thank you to everyone who reads and especially those who regularly comment here.   I have found some new blogging friends in 2012 and strengthened the existing friendships.  You guys are such a great inspiration and community.  I am looking forward to seeing what we all create in 2013.....and I am determined to make it to some meet ups this year!
The most worn me-made of the year - red polka dot Anna tunic from Amy Butler pattern