Saturday, 19 January 2013

View of my table

Thinking about fantasy sewing and space or rather lack of space led me to think up a new series for this blog.  I sew mostly on our dining table.  This table was given to me by some very kind friends a year ago.  They have a new table and their own grown up children had no use for the old table.  So guess what?  They are so kind that they delivered the table and four chairs for me.  I was heavily pregnant at the time and just stood and watched.  The table seats six and at a squeeze eight and has had a big positive impact on our family life as it is now so much easier to all sit together for a meal, to have friends round to eat, and to do various craft, play activities together.  The table has so many functions that I though  it could be a fun series of photos which in a sideways manner would reflect life and crafting over the year.  Let's see if I can keep this up for a year!
Week 1 - week of 14th January.
Here is a  (sideways) detail of the Parisian scene fabric, found in a bin bag of handmedowns.

If anyone fancies joining in with table pics, please do and let me know.  It could be your desk, sewing table or even bedside table...if there's interest I can set up a flickr group.   

UPDATE: I have created a View of my table flickr group:  Thank you to the three of you who wanted to join so far!  It is an invitation group so I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am hoping more people will join in, so spread the word. x


  1. I love this idea! I don't have a dining room table just yet (getting ready to move into a new apartment) but I use my sewing machine cabinet for all sorts of things :) I will join you in weekly picture taking if you make a flickr group.
    Bonnie MS

  2. Fab idea - would be great if you did a flickr group like Bonnie suggested. I am so nosey I would love this!

  3. Oh, fun! It's so nice to see that a table is kinda central to family life. :) My dining table also used to hold all kinds of sewing stuff, it feels kinda bare now that I have a sewing table. ;)

  4. I've joined the group and uploaded a picture of my sewing cabinet. Our dining table is in the kitchen and I never do anything creative on it myself as there is no room on it!

    It's round and large-ish but with two creative girlies and five of us sitting there for dinner every night it gets a bit stacked up with stuff.

    Can I copy the table logo from your sidebar to add to my blog?

  5. Great idea! I've just requested to join the Flickr group. I live in an apt and our dining table serves for everything, from meals to homework to arts & crafts to sewing to playing games.

  6. What a great idea, Debbie! I love the thought of seeing different uses of the dining table!:-) and that fabric is adorable.

  7. your table is so clean or maybe I am just super messy haha

    Love that grandmas chocies are there.

    I joined your flicker group, probably never posts but I love looking at pictures like this :)


  8. So late with my comment! I so love this idea, dining table is the hart of our house as well, in fact so much that I'm unsure if I want to share it with the rest of the world. I think about it some more.