Thursday, 23 April 2015

wandering the house

 Still haven't finished my trousers ...sewing interrupted by:

holidays, a trip to visit family,

lots of playing...
Lots of paddling...and changing out of wet clothes.  I cannot quite get back into termtime mode now that holidays are over.  I have done no sewing unless you count sewing badges onto a cub scout jumper, oh and I sewed an apron.  It was so utilitarian I almost forgot I had made it.  

I have done no blogging as possession of my laptop seems to have transferred to my children. 

 I can't manage to sign into my blog on my tablet.  Though I have lost possession of that too.  Pesky children.....while they hog the technology I wander the house, prodding my seedlings, folding endless laundry, looking at my almost finished trousers, but not really getting anywhere.  I have developed a new addiction to reading hippyish blogs about eating foraged food, wearing second hand clothes and creativity...I am not sure why but they just interest me at the moment.  

  I am thinking and probably over thinking Me Made May.  So much thinking that I have done nothing about it.  Procrastination is a great thing...  I am of to daydream some more over the kitchen sink.