Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Parka Plans

It is sewing, Jim but not as we know it.  In a huge change to my way of sewing and buoyed up by your positive comments,  I have got organised, preplanning and ordered fabric samples prior to starting the Ottobre parka.  I ordered samples from 
Croft Mill and from FabricUK.  Both were very efficient at delivery.  This pattern is one where slightly vintagey-cutesy fabric shops with punning names are no good!  The pattern calls for lightweight waterproof fabric or a cotton canvas.  I would like to use waterproof fabric as I live in Britain.  
On the right are four samples from Croft Mill plus one of jersey (got sidetracked)
The four large samples are from FabricUK

very dark navy
The Croft Mill waterproofs were too lighweight for me.  The FabricUk ones featured an antiquewaxed cotton, similar to what  Barbour jackets are made from.  We are in the midst of moving to a village where such jackets are de rigeur for 
 the aspiring new country dweller,along with a brushed checked shirt in muted tones, tweed cap, green wellies. Oh boy, I will never fit in!  But do I want to?  Anyway, enough digression.  The fabric is an ideal weight but it is designed to show every scratch and mark which I don't want for my parka.  

 I think I am settled on the lightweight waxed fabric.  I am now torn between bright cheerful red or functional and versatile navy.  Help!  Which do you think?  Both would look good with white double top stitch methinks.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ottobre Autum/Winter

I thought I would share some images from the new Ottobre women's magazine. There are some patterns in it that I  would like to sew and some that I would not!  I am planning on canceling my subscription now as I feel I have enough patterns to keep me going.  Some of the styling here is not to my taste, though I always try and look past the styling and study the line drawings.

 I like the jersey dress although I think I would like it in a solid fabric.  The text by it suggests you will need control underwear to go with this dress!  hmmmmm...kinda puts me off.  I also don't want to have to just breathe in while wearing a dress.
The line drawings

I think this tunic tee would be a good wardrobe staple for me.  I wonder what it looks like if she turns sideways though.  I like the little pockets.  I am thinking of making this one.

I am intrigued by the parka - I would love the challenge of making a practical coat.  Do I dare take on a complex project though?  One that would require proper fabric buying?  I seem to be drawn to making quite functional garments at the moment...jeans, tees and now a parka.  Whatever happened to sewing pretty dresses?  

But urgh, I don't like the turquoise knit jacket .  I don't even like it in the line drawing.

  I guess there is a nice simple dress's just that fabric makes me shudder!  

Another look at the me thinking....

Sunday, 1 September 2013

FO: Red Shorts Simplicity 2258

As we reach the end of August, I have one last summer make to share.  After making my red skinnies, I had just enough red denim left to make a second pair of Simplicity 2258 shorts from Phillippa's giveaway pattern.  

 I had liked my blue shorts and kept wearing them, so a second pair seemed a good way to use up the last bits of the red denim.  I used some stash floral cotton to make the pockets as I couldn't manage to squeeze pocket lining from the fabric.

I used the same red buttons that I used on my blue shorts. I really like the tab and button.  It's the little details that make me like a piece of clothing.

I have been wearing these shorts a lot.

They are great holiday wear, so a big thank you again to Phillippa.