Monday, 9 September 2013

Ottobre Autum/Winter

I thought I would share some images from the new Ottobre women's magazine. There are some patterns in it that I  would like to sew and some that I would not!  I am planning on canceling my subscription now as I feel I have enough patterns to keep me going.  Some of the styling here is not to my taste, though I always try and look past the styling and study the line drawings.

 I like the jersey dress although I think I would like it in a solid fabric.  The text by it suggests you will need control underwear to go with this dress!  hmmmmm...kinda puts me off.  I also don't want to have to just breathe in while wearing a dress.
The line drawings

I think this tunic tee would be a good wardrobe staple for me.  I wonder what it looks like if she turns sideways though.  I like the little pockets.  I am thinking of making this one.

I am intrigued by the parka - I would love the challenge of making a practical coat.  Do I dare take on a complex project though?  One that would require proper fabric buying?  I seem to be drawn to making quite functional garments at the moment...jeans, tees and now a parka.  Whatever happened to sewing pretty dresses?  

But urgh, I don't like the turquoise knit jacket .  I don't even like it in the line drawing.

  I guess there is a nice simple dress's just that fabric makes me shudder!  

Another look at the me thinking....


  1. Like your choices, the tunic is really lovely. I hope your summer went well.

  2. I think you could have lots of fun with that tunic - contrast colors, embellishments, etc. :)

  3. I love that parka-- it's super cool! But the stripey tee and tunic both look super wearable and quick to sew! I'm totally swayed by styling... it can be so hard to look past it!

  4. Oh, there are definitely some nice patterns in there! I really like the top jersey dress, especially for its waistband. My personal trick to make jersey dresses curve- and lunchproof is using something between an A-line and half-circle skirt, instead of a straight(ish) one. No control underwear needed! ;)

  5. I like the tunic and the parka. I have the feeling you would like the tunic a lot.

    ps. I like Alessa's term lunchproof. I will remember that next time shopping for clothes. It has much more positive tone than my usual "will this make me look fat/pregnant" chain of thoughts.

  6. Ooh I love the two Ottobres I have. I think it's the more practical look of the garments that appeal to me. I find making basics really rewarding because they get worn such a lot. Anyway I didn't know a new one was out. I will have a look, but at some point need to stop collecting new things to make...

  7. That parka looks a lot like the gorgeous one in Seasalt at the moment... for £120!
    I agree that the styling is often the thing that attracts me to patterns. "That girl with the short hair and energy? That's who I want to be, so I had better copy what she's wearing!" And why not?! I really like the pocketty jersey dress - you are right - it looks like a staple!