Sunday, 15 March 2015

In progress

I bought Simplicity 1696 last year and finally pulled it out last weekend.  I have some cheap ebay denim to use up.  

 For the pocket linings I am using a piece of cloud fabric from my mum's quilting stash.
That's as far as I have got.  I like to see other people's i n progress posts, do you?  Sometimes I get a bit tired of seeing only completed sewing projects.  There's a great tah-dah quality to them, I love seeing hat everyone makes and I am impressed but sometimes it feels like finished item posts makes everything seem so simple and easy and I am left thinking I am the only one who sews in tiny stages in between Life.  So here is a perhaps timely post showing sewing in tiny bits between nursery pick ups and school clubs, between cooking and clearing up, homework and playing in the sand.  I don't know when I will finish these trousers...but I do have a zip clutched in my hand ready to put in,

Saturday, 7 March 2015

FO: Maria Denmark Paula Skirt

 I bought the Maria Denmark Paula Pleated skirt pdf last year when it was on an offer.  I usually always go for an A line skirt so I thought a slightly fuller one would be a good change.  Then I never made it, due to lack of printer and lack of fabric.

An old friend (who I love very much if she's reading this) sent me some fine needlecord-ish fabric as a surprise Christmas present.  The fabric pattern reminds me of a magnified tweed or the old seat coverings on the tube and buses.
I decided to use the Maria Denmark pattern as the fabric is a light cord with enough drape to hold the pleats without being too rigid.  Once I found where I had saved the pdf (a challenge in itself) I printed it off.  It is a nice easy sew, the skirt has two main pieces with a side zip and a faced waistband.  Instructions are clear and instructions for a lined version are included but I decided to go with unlined.  I did add french seams though and I like the clean finish I now have.  I also did a ribbon hem which is my current favourite way to hem.  

 I like the fact that this slightly fuller than usual skirt gives me an opportunity to wear my shorter tops and cardigans.  I think it is just full enough, too full and I would feel too frumpy.

And to was a lovely windy day...this is a good skirt to blow in a breeze. :)