Thursday, 28 January 2010

sunday morning in the park

How nice was this? We were the only people there, the sun had come out so I made those children get dressed and outside quickly before it disappeared again. It was cold but sunny and gorgeous. I realised it has been ages since we did this, but then it has been very very cold. I should add before you think this looks idyllic - I did have to throw a half drunk bottle of lambrini away that someone had kindly left there the previous night and I will sound very middle aged now but I was shocked to see it only costs £2.29 for a huge bottle of fizzy wine! I can see why local teenagers would buy this and I can sort of see the point of the recent debates about raising the price of alcohol. Anyway this has gone hugely awol from a blog supposed to be about making stuff, sewing etc....must go now and finish hemming my tunic - then I can post about sewing, phew, let's try and keep on track.

Traffic lights

There are currently major road alterations outside my house and yes, I mean right outside. The existign road is being widened and a new roundabout being created. This picture shows the traffic lights waiting to be set up last monday morning outside my next door neighbour's house. This picture was taken at 8.15 am and it is so dark! YUK.
Anyway it is very noisy all day every day, traffic a bit chaotic and it is frustratingly hard to access our house as we have a temporary traffic light outside our gate. All this is due to the new Tesco store opening at the end of our road. Two years ago when making one of my sporadic complaints to my local councillor (yes, I know this is a sign of incipient middle age) she kindly informed me that a new tesco store was "Progress" and large superstores are the "way forward". No, no no I cry, but as you can see our protests fell on deaf ears. Roll on our house move, whenevr that may!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cat in Bag

It was my children's little friend's 5th birthday and it snowed last week. I didn't want to drive to the shops so I made a toy cat using the "Pointy Kitty" free pattern download from Wee Wonderfuls .

It was very quick to do, I started it on monday night and finished it friday night but I only get odd bits of time for sewing. As stated in the pattern, the legs and ears and tail are a bit fiddly at turning out. I then made a bag for the cat so she can be carried around. I made the bag at 7am on saturday in a slightly insane sleep deprived state....we were due to visit the friends at 9.30 that morning. It was still quite dark when I finished it as it was another gloomy day so most of my photos were too dark to use. I had some lovely thick denim fabric that I bought at a market a couple of years ago and used that to make a simple bag with two handles. I sewed on some yo-yos made before christmas. It was a success, the only problem came when my daughter tried to take it back from her friend when it was time to leave. She has a way to go to learn about present giving.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Felt flower brooches

This is the view just a few yards from the school gates last wednesday.

I made a couple of these brooches as little Christmas presents. I didn't find the macro button on the camera till after Christmas though so they are not the best pictures! I used the craft felt I had bought a while ago. still loving it that felt for making easy objects. I am trying to plan some more brooches, just got a bit side tracked with us all being ill with sore throats, colds etc here. =