Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cat in Bag

It was my children's little friend's 5th birthday and it snowed last week. I didn't want to drive to the shops so I made a toy cat using the "Pointy Kitty" free pattern download from Wee Wonderfuls .

It was very quick to do, I started it on monday night and finished it friday night but I only get odd bits of time for sewing. As stated in the pattern, the legs and ears and tail are a bit fiddly at turning out. I then made a bag for the cat so she can be carried around. I made the bag at 7am on saturday in a slightly insane sleep deprived state....we were due to visit the friends at 9.30 that morning. It was still quite dark when I finished it as it was another gloomy day so most of my photos were too dark to use. I had some lovely thick denim fabric that I bought at a market a couple of years ago and used that to make a simple bag with two handles. I sewed on some yo-yos made before christmas. It was a success, the only problem came when my daughter tried to take it back from her friend when it was time to leave. She has a way to go to learn about present giving.

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