Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recently thrifted

A little display house for tiny treasures.

Furry fleece jacket.   I cannot decide if this is so wrong in style terms...I feel like I am wearing a bunny rabbit, but I was wearing it in the early mornings to school anyway until the rains came.  So cosy and warm.

Red metal tray now being used for scissors, tape and glue.

 Pretty pyrex dish with lid intact, I am using this a lot
Can you see? It's a china rabbit jelly mold still in the packaging.  Childhood nostalgia item. Any tips on getting the jelly out intact?
When not one but two charity shops opened at the end of my road recently,I knew I was in trouble.  I walk past one of them every time I go to buy bread and milk.  Ah, temptation!  But I have also been taking bags of stuff in, trying to stick to my one in/one out rule.  I have been buying lots of lovely baby clothes in there for Rocket Girl. I found a brand new with tags fluffy Pikachu rucksack for Pokemon fan T. He liked it so much he was sleeping with it while he was ill a few days ago.  It kind of doubles as bag and cuddly toy. I bought myself a lovey coral pink cardie and several bigger tops for feeding baby in. And, possibly the best find...a wooden doll's house.  I can't show you as it has been in the garage for 6 weeks, in pieces, waiting to be assembled for Little I's birthday!  That's on sunday so I am hoping to rebuild it tommorrow.  Wish me luck. Anyone else found any good thrifts/charity shop scores recently?

Friday, 20 April 2012

day out

 During the easter holidays we went by train to a nearby art gallery and museum. We had a great day. I thought I would share some pics.  Initially we did a free workshop making vehicles from plastic bottles. Then we had our picnic and went upstairs.  This museum describes itself as child friendly.  That is so true.  In each room the staff were friendly and kind.  There were things you were allowed to touch, examine and play with in each room we went into.  And it was all free! Museums  are very different to how they were when I was a child.
There is a sculpture room where you can touch everything.
There was an exhibition on about the Joy of Making (it has finished now).  I really enjoyed it though I had the impresssion it was curated by either one multiple personality person or a group who didn't quite agree.  It featured lots of interested bits and went off on lots of tangents.  The common factor was the act of making and the value in psychological terms of making to well being.  So there were Polish papercuts:
polish papercuts
These Polish papercuts are beautiful and very inspiring - they make me think that bit of folk art applique would be fun.

Artist Helen Snell was inspired by the polish papercuts.  Her 3d papercuts are laser cut from her drawings.  They were amazing to see all grouped together and beautifully lit.  My photos don't do them justice.  If you ever see an advert for her work, go and see it in the flesh.

Then the next room was more about making as therapy, and crafts. 
Wooden toys made by local patients in hospital

Little I joined in the weaving. 
There was a display of art /making as therapy objects.  Then there were a few objects fromthe archives related to sewing and how people used to make.
A folding needle case from 1900.

Rocket Girl is asleep in the pram.  Please note nappy bag in action!
Next to her is a sofa with objects and leaflets that touched upon the current trend for crafting.  I picked up an info sheet on felting. In the basket by the pram is a large piece of knitting made from old plastic bags.  Are you starting to see why this exhibition was so all over the place? 
I love this photo.  Little I is listening to the story of the teddy bear.  He was made in 1943 for a little girl by her dad.  She is reminscing on the tape about the making of the bear.  How great is that?   I know I am still hormonal because just the thought of this story made me cry!  Ah, how I used to scoff at people who cried easily. 

I did really enjoy the Joy of Making exhibition despite the lack of cohesiveness.  I just wanted to see more of some things.  Back in the lobby of the museum is this sculpture of Richard Jobson made by David Mach is made out of wire coat hangers. 1,850 coat hangars to be exact. This fascinated T. And me - it is making a three dimensional shape from lots of two dimensional objects. Very clever. If you know who Richard Jobson is then maybe you were around in the 1980s. Or you are scottish. Or both.


 Finally a slightly freaky photo from the 18th century room.  Dressing up as a georgian lady. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

OWOP fail and Me Made May

I jumped right in when Tilly suggested OWOP.  I knew I could do it. Too busy with new baby? Oh baby, schmaby.  (cue hollow laugh)
 I chose my Simplicity/Built by Wendy 3835 top pattern. 

I have six of how hard could it be? I managed the first day's photo.  As seen above.  3835 made from checked fabric a friend gave me.  Day 2...uh-oh...realisation dawns. The problem? Well, I hadn't taken into account my enlarged breast feeding bust!!  Most of the 3835s are now tight around the underarms and the elastic neckline has risen to sit uncomfortably and unflatteringly high.  I realised that they look extremely tentlike over a bigger bust.   I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't bear that restricted arm movement. or that wearing a tent feeling.
Below are the 3835s in old photos. Just thought you may like to see them.

Grey 3835 from thrifted duvet cover, originally white as seen here


no. 2 or 3? Made from thrifted curtains. 

I love this bright 3835, altered with trim to hide a front centre rip.

  So obviously as someone who should learn from their mistakes, you may think I am giving Me Made May a miss.  Nah, of course not! I love the community of Zoe's me made months, the flickr chat and the blog friends I have met through these months.  They remind me of some of the great benefits of being part of a blogging/crafting/sewing community.  So this year, our estimable leader suggested veterans think how to challenge themselves.  Zoe has emphasised the personal challenge nature of MMMay. I am quoting Zoe here:
"This is YOUR challenge, write the script any way you want, just remember: IT IS A CHALLENGE."

I think my challenge will be to complete the month and see how I can adapt my me made wardrobe to my nursing bust!  I don't want to go and buy lots of new clothes for feeding my baby in.  I feel quite strongly that women are being fooled if they believe the shops who are trying to sell them £30 "nursing tops".  An additional and very personal challenge for me is to get through the month without negatively comparing myself to other participants.  That is just me and an unhealthy tendency I am working on squashing. 

I am not even going to try to do a daily photo and post, maybe three times a week?  I am also giving myself a free pass for a day a week.
'I, Debbie of Minnado's House, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear 1 me made or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May 2012 with a day a week free pass'