Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recently thrifted

A little display house for tiny treasures.

Furry fleece jacket.   I cannot decide if this is so wrong in style terms...I feel like I am wearing a bunny rabbit, but I was wearing it in the early mornings to school anyway until the rains came.  So cosy and warm.

Red metal tray now being used for scissors, tape and glue.

 Pretty pyrex dish with lid intact, I am using this a lot
Can you see? It's a china rabbit jelly mold still in the packaging.  Childhood nostalgia item. Any tips on getting the jelly out intact?
When not one but two charity shops opened at the end of my road recently,I knew I was in trouble.  I walk past one of them every time I go to buy bread and milk.  Ah, temptation!  But I have also been taking bags of stuff in, trying to stick to my one in/one out rule.  I have been buying lots of lovely baby clothes in there for Rocket Girl. I found a brand new with tags fluffy Pikachu rucksack for Pokemon fan T. He liked it so much he was sleeping with it while he was ill a few days ago.  It kind of doubles as bag and cuddly toy. I bought myself a lovey coral pink cardie and several bigger tops for feeding baby in. And, possibly the best find...a wooden doll's house.  I can't show you as it has been in the garage for 6 weeks, in pieces, waiting to be assembled for Little I's birthday!  That's on sunday so I am hoping to rebuild it tommorrow.  Wish me luck. Anyone else found any good thrifts/charity shop scores recently?


  1. I love the pirex dish. I'm a true fan of thrifting/ charity shops/ tips/ recycling centers. A good rummage is wonderful.

  2. Oh wow, having 2 charity shops so close does spell trouble! Good that you are giving as well as receiving, which is also facilitated by them being so close to you. And I guess there's a limited shelf life for Rocket Girl sized clothes to help bulk out your donations! Your latest finds are great - the display house is magical. And the fluffy jacket does look warm & cosy, & if it feels like that too you are onto a winner in the current weather! I hope you show us the dolls' house when it's been given & have a great Little I's birthday weekend

  3. I have that exact same jelly mold! I haven't used it yet, so no tips...I'll let you know if it's hard to do or not!

  4. Oooh, luck you! And that display house is amazing. I'm jealous. ;-) But brocante (jumble sale) "season" is starting here, so hopefully I'll be finding treasures soon.

  5. I love the displlay house! It would be cute spray painted in a bright clor too.

  6. Two shops?! That is dangerous! You found some wonderful treasures though!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog