Sunday, 15 April 2012

OWOP fail and Me Made May

I jumped right in when Tilly suggested OWOP.  I knew I could do it. Too busy with new baby? Oh baby, schmaby.  (cue hollow laugh)
 I chose my Simplicity/Built by Wendy 3835 top pattern. 

I have six of how hard could it be? I managed the first day's photo.  As seen above.  3835 made from checked fabric a friend gave me.  Day 2...uh-oh...realisation dawns. The problem? Well, I hadn't taken into account my enlarged breast feeding bust!!  Most of the 3835s are now tight around the underarms and the elastic neckline has risen to sit uncomfortably and unflatteringly high.  I realised that they look extremely tentlike over a bigger bust.   I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't bear that restricted arm movement. or that wearing a tent feeling.
Below are the 3835s in old photos. Just thought you may like to see them.

Grey 3835 from thrifted duvet cover, originally white as seen here


no. 2 or 3? Made from thrifted curtains. 

I love this bright 3835, altered with trim to hide a front centre rip.

  So obviously as someone who should learn from their mistakes, you may think I am giving Me Made May a miss.  Nah, of course not! I love the community of Zoe's me made months, the flickr chat and the blog friends I have met through these months.  They remind me of some of the great benefits of being part of a blogging/crafting/sewing community.  So this year, our estimable leader suggested veterans think how to challenge themselves.  Zoe has emphasised the personal challenge nature of MMMay. I am quoting Zoe here:
"This is YOUR challenge, write the script any way you want, just remember: IT IS A CHALLENGE."

I think my challenge will be to complete the month and see how I can adapt my me made wardrobe to my nursing bust!  I don't want to go and buy lots of new clothes for feeding my baby in.  I feel quite strongly that women are being fooled if they believe the shops who are trying to sell them £30 "nursing tops".  An additional and very personal challenge for me is to get through the month without negatively comparing myself to other participants.  That is just me and an unhealthy tendency I am working on squashing. 

I am not even going to try to do a daily photo and post, maybe three times a week?  I am also giving myself a free pass for a day a week.
'I, Debbie of Minnado's House, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear 1 me made or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May 2012 with a day a week free pass'


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan! It should be a challenge, but fun too. Can't wait to see you in May!

  2. OK, so OWOP has been a success in one respect- it has helped you work out what your MMM '12 terms of engagement are going to be, & they sound realistic & non manic (which is what you need!). I am totally with you on the daily posting, I shall not, & am not sure how much I can do on Flickr either this year. It gets a bit of a pressure, doesn't it! But we'll see - I have a week off in May, & I may use that week differently .....And back to S3835 - bringing out your pictures has probably reminded you how much you'll enjoy wearing them again when you can - they are such wonderful fabrics :-)

  3. Oh, you're hard on yourself sometimes aren't you? Like Mrs Scruffybadger said, you've worked out what works and what doesn't for MMM'12 and you've got a plan. I've just realised I've signed up for this and most of my me made clothes are now either in need of repair or need to be taken in so need to get sewing pronto! hehe! At least we can all have a giggle together, what fun pose shall we go for on the first photo?

  4. This is such a cute top-- I really like all the different variations you made. But your comfort should never be sacrificed for fashion, so I'm glad you didn't torture yourself through the week of OWOP!

    Looking forward to seeing how you adapt your wardrobe for MMM!

  5. Don't be too hard on yourself...You have managed wonderfully and I am sure you will love tackling MMM'12.x

  6. a lovely top, I love the recycled curtains. Go for it with MM12, it's all the fun of joining in. x x x

  7. As Ginger said, I'm glad you didn't put yourself through any discomfort for the OWOP week! I like the way you've challenged yourself for May.

  8. I applaud you for participating in OWOP -- after so many flops, I simply didn't have enough, but 3835 has been such a TNT for you -- looking forward to seeing how creative you get in MMM, no doubt you will ;)

    My sister, with three young children, has been living in jersey tops with shirring at the bust -- might be fun to try and sew because fit's never a problem, easy to wear and use. And it's surpisingly easy with the elastic thread!

  9. Go Debbi, as hard as the MMM is going to be, I most admire your challenge to stop comparing yourself unfavorably to others. Now that's hard!

  10. That sounds like a very sensible approach! No point in giving yourself stress over it... and you need to be comfy!

  11. I love your 3835 tops. Hope MMM goes well! Could you please email me your email...i know this sounds random but i want to ask you about toys :)


  12. Yay for May! Can't wait to continue the Me Made revolution together with you and everyone. I love your goals!

    I failed at OWOP as well for fitting reasons as well. A pencil skirt is just not that practical, so I skipped it! :-)

  13. Oh no, too bad that your 3835s aren't fitting well right now! Ah well, at least you got to set yourself a more relaxed schedule for MMM. It'll be fun! I'm sure I won't be posting every day for the month! I'm aiming for twice weekly. :)