Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Apple day

We went to the Annual Apple Day at the Greenwood trust in early October- loads for kids and a celebration of apples...
There was a local potter there and kids could throw a pot on the wheel. They also made dragonflies from sticks and UHT paper coloured in with felt tips. These can be seen in an earlier post surrounding my Amy Butler top. They hang in our hallway brightening it up. There was the giant Millenium apple press in action making juice and we came away with our 4 litres. We had taken in bags of apples earlier in the week and so got free juice! It was so nice to have day when we could be outside doing things.

slack blogger

I feel so slack - it is almost a month since the last post. I have THOUGHT about posts a lot butnot got round to actual posting - in my defence we have had half term holiday which necessitated a trip down to the south west to visit family, then on our return I had a throat infection which slowed us down. Now I am gearing up to get ready for December and Christmas...feeling virtous having just stitched some bags for presents for some of T's friends...just need to finish them. I planned to put in some art materials and some paper dolls from here ( I love paper dolls and always had some in my stocking every Christmas as a child.