Monday, 15 February 2016

A february catch up

"I can walk to nursery by myself.  I am big" she says. And here she is marching along while I wander behind her.  I cannot believe some days that Rocket Girl is now four.  It seems so long ago that she was that little baby.  Also if she is now four that means I have been blogging for a long time.  Um...eight or nine years.  I am glad of the friendships made along the way.You know who you are.  
There has been so little time for this space recently, I have thought about giving up but I like having this little place that is mine. Last year I made a lot of things that I never got around to blogging.  I was worrying about the lack of clear identity.  Not quite a sewing blog, not quite a parent blog,,,certainly too scruffy to be a lifestyle blog, that idea makes me snort out my coffee.  Maybe the muddle that is my blog reflects the muddle that is me.  I once worked with a professor who claimed that the state of your work desk reflects the state of your mind.  His was clear.  Mine was a mess.  My messy mind is why I am addicted to lists.   They help me calm my thoughts and plan what I am doing.  I currently survive by having a big white board on which I plot the weekly clubs and menus.  I especially need this as I have a partner who has very little short term memory.  We often have a conversation in which we discuss what is happening a few days away, plan who will do what, and then he will have no recollection of this at all,  I am fighting back against this armed with my whiteboard and calendar.  Living with someone with little memory is very tiring.  Is this a general male thing or just a specific thing in my house?
I finally got my act together and got myself a 21st century phone. My eldest was actually impressed with me.  He is almost thirteen now so is very rarely impressed with me.  He was a little less impressed when I couldn't switch it on.  But the upshot of this is I joined instagram and you can find me over there as minnadoshouse. Come and say hello.  I am enjoying playing with IG and the new and renewed connections it has enabled me to make.

There has been some sewing here.  I bought myself Lotta Jansdotter's "Everyday Style" for Christmas.  More on that soon.  I promise, I really do.