Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sparkly progess #2

Thank you for the comments and good wishes for my back and for poorly Little I.  She seems better and is back at school.  Fingers crossed she manages to stay well for the rest of the term.  As for me, the doctor said it would take 4 - 6 weeks for my back to recover....eeek.  Only if I am not better by then can I be referred for physio.  In the meantime she recommended painkillers.  I am trying to do my back exercises in the meantime. 

So, progress update on the sparkly sewalong and I have managed some. 
Simplicity 2246, aka the Lisette Traveller dress, goes together really easily.  It is the kind of pattern that lends itself to being sewn in small bursts of activity. 
Last week I almost finished the placket, sewed the collar and inserted the sleeves.  The instructions suggest hemming at a middle stage of construction - I didn't do that as I want to check the hem length once I have finished.  Monday morning I sewed the last placket seam and wound a new bobbin in preparation for the nine buttonholes...

Tuesday morning I marked out the buttonholes - there is a super useful button hole marking guide in the pattern pieces.  This saved a lot of time and measuring.  Then I sewed six buttonholes while RG slept and the final three with her watching me.

My audience

Phew...just buttons, pockets and hems left, plus snipping and finishing off...I am hoping I can get this finished for the 4th July deadline. I hgave also cut front and back of the proper blue fabric as this brown version was supposed to be a wearable muslin. 
Right, no more sewing,  it is time for this view....mushy pear and parsnip for her, coffee for me.  Let's hope I don't get muddled up.
pear and parsnip? nom nom

Sunday, 17 June 2012

sparkly progess

I thought I would do progress reports on how the Summer Sparkle sewalong is going. So far this post is a list of errors and no photos because I cannot reach my usb, the reason why will become apparent:
Week 1: school half term, I manage to cut out the remainder of the pieces and do markings.  It's a busy week so I just read the instructions and plan to start sewing once kids back at school.
Week 2:
RG asleep in pram, I realise I don't know where I put the first page of instructions.  Have a look, can't find them, curse the chaos, kick a few piles of paper and remember I had to start with darts and stay stitching.  I sewed the bust darts, thought "hmmm, these bust darts are strange...very tricky to line up the marks..."  A friend drops in for a brief visit - I carry on sewing while talking and sew the strange darts...she leaves and then when pressing, I realised I had used the top pocket markings and produced darts ????  What was I thinking? Answer: I wasn't thinking at all.
Damn, I sewed the real bust darts, pressed pockets into top fold and tuck.
RG woke up.  End of sewing

Wednesday:  Back from school drop off, RG asleep in car seat, quick 5 minutes sewing, sewed topstitch on the pockets. RG woke up.  End of sewing.

Later on, unpick wrong dart, as in, unpick the dart that was in the right place...grrrrr....give up and go to do more endless laundry instead. 
Thursday: RG sleeping, so I resew bust dart, pin on one pocket, realise I pinned lower pocket in place of top pocket, curse, drink some coffee, unpin pocket, press and pin in top pocket. Sew shoulder seams.  RG wakes up, end of sewing.
evening: tack on placket
Friday stitch first parts of placket, pin second - it is starting to look like a dress!
Saturday: Early morning farmers' market, and kids tennis, on our return, crouching to pick RG up out of car seat, I feel an almighty pain in my lower back and cannot get up.  After a while I get on the sofa and can't get up again ...I phone Mr Minnado to come home, I spend two hours trying to find out what painkillers I can take,  I give directions to T, and while marooned on the sofa  I notice the missing traveller dress pattern instruction sheet down the side of the cushion.  Ah, so, is this the bright side?  I put my back out but I find the missing instructions?

Saturday, 9 June 2012


I have been planning for the Summer Sparkle Sewalong...I am making a Lisette Traveller dress, view A.  This year Alessa, Sarah and Ali  have come up witht hte very good idea of sewing just one garment in the month of June.  I am making a (hopefully) wearable muslin from a thrifted duvet cover first, then using my "good" dark blue linen look fabric.  I cut out half the pieces in January and then left them.  Since signing up to the sewalong I have been motivated to cut out the rest of the pieces and start on the markings.

A lot of calamine lotion painting onto Little I's spots.  And a peek at my marimekko bowl sent by Lovely S for my birthday.

A bit of sewing of this...Noddy and polka's... um... for me, not a child, though I have doubts about the possible infantilism (is that a word?) of wearing a noddy skirt.  Can I call it ironic? Can you wear an ironic skirt?  Well, we will have to see.
There's been a new craze for T:he bought a mini monopoly set from the charity shop.  I am looking for a full size set now, the pieces are too teeney weeney for my fingers. 

Mr Minnado donated some shirts to my refashioning pile.

This dress is also awaiting refashioning. 

We all went to the garden centre and spent a lot of time saying "how much???" We left with a bag of compost and some bean seeds.  Back at home we started planting some the seeds we have collected over the last year.  A coffee and cake to go with the planning. 
Had to share this, that hair spike was accidental..  I recently got RG a second hand bumbo chair with tray from a Preloved advert.  It's my new alternative to ebay when I want to look for a specific secondhand item.   She's been trying it out, and she seems to like sitting up. 

Oh and finally I need a bit of help.  My dark blue linene look fabric has been washed twice and still runs - any ideas for fixing it? I have a vague idea of using salt and white vinegar but am unsure about quantities.  That's all the news round here for now.  Hope you all have good weekends, any exciting events?  We are going to a jubilee garden fete IF the wind and rain stop. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Final days of May

May 29th - Simplicity 2559 top and Tate skirt
um, yes, that is a me made cardboard wendy house behind, it kind of dominates the living room these days
 So our Jubilee weekend was cancelled due to chicken pox...we missed a village hall party and a barbeque  but shhhh. don't tell Little I.  She will be upset if and when she realises.  She was not at all well over the weekend but is feeling better now, just itchy.  The noise levels are back up to normal ,full volume so she must be feeling better!I have never seen so many spots on one little person before.  I felt it would be mean to put pictures of then on here and who really wants to look ar poxy spots anyway?  Thank you for all your good wishes in the comments on my last post, they are much appreciated.    
May 30th - Amy Butler Anna tunic and Simplicity 2245 portfolio trousers On our way to see the Olympic Torch relay.  Kids got a day off school, it was sooooo hot, We walked a long way...we got very hot and tired but we had a good view and ice creams.  I like the way T is completely ignoring me, he's doing a spot of lego building on the hoof. 

I thought I would share some acceptable spots, some details of my red tunic:
Back buttons and tacking stitches!

Pinked seams
That's it - 31st May was a flop due to sick child and general knackeredness.
Ah yes, I have to show you the Olympic Torch ...ta-dah!  What? Didn't you know it was made from a cereal packet and silver foil??  It's all down to the recession and cutbacks, you know.