Saturday, 31 October 2015

Woolly things

I haven't picked up any knitting or crochet for a year at least.  If asked what woolly projects I have, I would have said none.  But then this afternoon I found three bags in the dark recess of the understairs cupboard.  I was looking for children's knitting needles as I feel an urge to try and teach Little I to knit again.  She has been learning to sew with some good results.  I need to brainwash her into crafting even more while she is still receptive.  I feel a little guilty about these abandoned and forgotten projects,

While looking for the needles, I found this little space invaders scarf that I started knitting when I was expecting RG four years ago,  Looking at it took me back to sitting in waiting rooms for maternity checks. How I hated those waiting rooms.   I don't have enough yarn to knit much more of it. I am not sure whether to unravel it. The intended recipient (my son) would now consider a homeknitted scarf as social death (along with being seen in public with me, wearing a coat and having a push button mobile).
Then I found this almost complete striped mohair and angora (I think) scarf.  Cast on as a present for a friend maybe five years ago.  It is definitely Rowan.  I don't like handling this type of yarn so the scarf has languished.  I really am determined to finish it now and get it wrapped up for Christmas.

In the third bag I found this crochet zigzag, it looks blanket size.  I had no memory of starting this. In fact I had forgotten that I even knew how to do crochet zigzag.  I am slowly having a vague recollection of crocheting this.  I only have three balls of wool though. Surely not enough for a blanket?  What colours would you add to make it big enough....I am not sure whether to stay with pinks and reds or add white, grey or even go rainbow bright?