Thursday, 28 January 2010

sunday morning in the park

How nice was this? We were the only people there, the sun had come out so I made those children get dressed and outside quickly before it disappeared again. It was cold but sunny and gorgeous. I realised it has been ages since we did this, but then it has been very very cold. I should add before you think this looks idyllic - I did have to throw a half drunk bottle of lambrini away that someone had kindly left there the previous night and I will sound very middle aged now but I was shocked to see it only costs £2.29 for a huge bottle of fizzy wine! I can see why local teenagers would buy this and I can sort of see the point of the recent debates about raising the price of alcohol. Anyway this has gone hugely awol from a blog supposed to be about making stuff, sewing etc....must go now and finish hemming my tunic - then I can post about sewing, phew, let's try and keep on track.

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  1. Hi! Great to have you on board for the Stash Bustin'! What did you unearth from those boxes and bags? Any long-forgotten treasures dying to be 'reborn'?! x