Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Amy butler tunic in grey

I have been toying with the idea of making the Amy Butler "Anna" tunic in a plain fabric for a while - since I made it last summer in a print really. I used some wool mix suiting fabric from ebay and lined it in bright pink which you can just see. I added two front pockets but I can see now they are slightly skew-iff - I am going to try wearing it for now and if the wonkyness drive me mad I will alter them. (But I suspect I won't)
I found it quite tricky working in a plain fabric as I felt that any little mistakes or wobbly bits would be more visible.
I am looking forward to wearing this over a longsleeve t shirt. It is part way to the idea of a daily uniform which I am keen on - I do like these tunic style tops/ dresses. I cannot wear it yet however as my Little One is ill and I am waiting till she stops being sick before wearing a new top! The painting visible here is one of a pair my son did when aged three. A Polish friend of mine when first visiting my house thought they may be my paintings and was Very Polite about them. I felt this tunic is what you might wear in an art gallery, looking intelligent and perhaps accessorised with an Interesting Art Teacher Necklace?

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