Monday, 8 February 2010

Stash bustin' - some random thoughts

I added Zoe's button to my side bar for Stash bustin' then caught stomach flu and was unable to get to write my reasons for being interested in this project. I stumbled across Zoe's blog on sewing a couple of months ago. I like the way her sense of humour and character comes across through her sewing posts and of course she makes some fab clothes! I was attracted initially to the Stash bustin as I like many others am trying to cut back on spending, trying to buy more second hand goods and also I am addicted to having clear outs and getting rid of stuff. I do not have a sewing room and have to store my things where ever I can!

I am also aware of my mental list of sewing projects and the fabric waiting to be used. I do also have a bag of small bits of fabric saved from sewing projects that I usually use in applique - in this instance I LOVE having a stash. It has saved me from many a trip to buy fabric for small projects such as cushions or bags. I love the smug feeling of making something without having to go and buy any extra materials! During the recent snow I was able to make the pointy cat from Wee wonderfuls as described in an earlier post entirely from my small scraps stash. Lots of those scraps come from my mum whose stash of fabric is amazing - over 30 years of collecting there! I will have to take some pics next time I visit.

Anyway, after reading about the stash bustin' I crawled under my bed and pulled out a plastic box - one of a pair I may add! Looking through some of the fabric I can see patterns emerging (in my behaviour, not the fabric). I don't think I spend lots of money on fabric and I don't often visit fabric shops - the nearest decent ones are 15 miles away in another town which for me and my toddler necessitates a Planned Outing. The fabrics are either a "Bargain", a Gift or bought for a project and awaiting their use. The green and orange in the photo here were bought to make a bag my son has designed. The Ikea bird fabric I bought to make some new cushions - though I was temporarily sidetracked by the thought of making into a skirt. Do other people do this I wonder? I visualise almost all fabrics I like initially as skirts.

The Amy Butler fabric here I bought when at the Quilts UK at the NEC last summer and I fully intend to make a dress/tunic from it to wear this summer. It is on my list....

Some of the other fabrics I pulled out seem to have a common theme of being a bargain find in a charity shop or remnant bin - I love a bargain, and I love buying second hand. BUT, the seaside fabric? It is a big piece of fabric and this is just one bit. It is a good quality furnishing fabric found in my local charity shop.

I am not even sure I like it....I am toying with idea of putting it on Ebay.. I thought about making beach bags with it or towelling lined swimming bags for birthday presents for evey child I know....but well, life is short, time is precious and when you have two young children, a partner, a house to rebuild (yep, with my bare hands), then I think I will prioritise, keep the fabric I like for the projects I really want to do and get rid of stuff I don't particularly like.

PS: There's another stash I have to confess to... I need to photograph it first though. It involves vintage lace. I will confess all soon.


  1. ooooh, great post! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and motivations on your Stash hoarding and Bustin' plans! I love the idea of beach bags for kids from that seaside fabric though, I have to admit! Keep the thoughts and discussions coming. Happy sewing (and house-building, child-raising, and all the other things you have going on!). Zoe x

  2. Thanks for your comment. I have to admit, now I have the beach bags clearly visualised I am feeling more like keeping that fabric.