Thursday, 9 February 2012

bits and pieces - the view over here

The view after bedtime story (don't worry, I don't leave them both to sleep there, Rocket Girl does go in her moses basket)

3 and half weeks old

This is kind of a bits and pieces post...

Thank you to all of you who left good wishes here following baby news. It is so nice to feel part of this blogging/crafty community.

Life here is currently very domestic. We are set in a pattern of two hourly sleeps, lots of breast feeding and not too much else. Oh yes, quite a lot of gazing at baby who is changing daily. I make the odd foray to the shops when I have to. Last night I managed to go out to take the kids to their swimming lessons in a whole family outing that involved tag team parenting. Rocket Girl slept throughout the swimming lessons.

I had two weeks' grace without having to take the kids to school. Then just as the temperature outside fell, I was back on school run duty. Baby Rocket Girl gets well wrapped up and is out in the car at 8.20am. Luckily since it has been so icy, another mum at school will often take my two older ones from the car and walk them in for me. Next week we have a week's holiday from school- hurray! I am hoping the weather will warm up soon. I am now desperate for Spring and echo Alessa's sentiments in her recent post.

I thought I would share some thrifty finds here. The pictures have been hanging round my folder for a while now. The shoes I bought before Christmas in the charity shop near the school. They look unworn and were £4. They are Kurt Geiger (tres posh?) and will be so nice to wear with skirts or dresses when it warms up. The cardigan I bought at the start of January. It is Boden and is a lovely warm wool. I love the retro detailing and it has pockets, always a bonus. I have been wearing it a lot recently. Just befire Christmas, I also found a cream aran style cardigan, very granny-chic, from Damart, which I think is a true granny label. To me Damart is synonymous with thermal underwear catalogues, sensible vests and petticoats. Any one else? My cream cardigan has pockets and brown leather-look buttons. It is a synthetic substitute for the real wool aran cardigan I would love to own. It also has multiple food stains so is in the wash and unphotographed.

I have a little pile of Good Things to photograph and share soon. I have been lucky recently with receiving lovely stuff from fellow bloggers, and want to show you. I am just doing it slowly, so watch this space, I will get there eventually. x


  1. Aww, Rocket girl is adorable! It has warmed up 15 degrees (to just below freezing) in the last couple of days, yay! Hope you're getting nicer weather, too. Dressing in lots of layers is annoying enough for me, but having to put on (and peel off) layers upon layers of tiny baby clothing each time you go out...!
    I love your thrifty finds, the colour is sooo pretty! And guess what I had in the mail yesterday - a wonderful little package of tea and laces, yay! Thank you so much, Debbie! *hugs* I've already had a cup of Jasmin tea, so lovely! How did you know? :) I also really appreciate the lace and have been thinking about what to do with it. I'm seriously thinking of saving some for an eventual wedding dress (not that there's anything planned, yet, mind). I also really liked Jessica's and Ali's blouse embellishments! Thank you! :)

  2. Look at all that hair! Hope you all are enjoying (albeit sleeplessly!) this gorgeous new addition to your family.

    And lovely finds! I just got the Boden catalog in the mail and it takes all my will power not to order all those cardigans.

    I keep thinking of how I can use the lace (noting Alessa's note above) and I'm thinking a rockin' 70s blouse this summer trimmed with lace just might fit the bill :)

    Wishing you sleep! :)

  3. The most stressful part of my day is definitely dressing three children for the cold weather and getting them into the car. How wonderful that the other mum can take the kids from the car to the school, such a small thing really but still a huge help!

    Wishing you lovely moments with the little Rocket Girl!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments.

    @Alessa, I am glad the parcel arrived and you like it. I am fed up with layered dressing! @Ali, yes, there's a lot of hair. I like looking at Boden for sewing inspiration, though I think they have given up sending me the catalogue! 70s lace trim blouse sounds good. @Mari, I am with you on the stress of getting three kids dressed and ready for cold weather and into the car on time, checking for gloves etc too.

  5. Aw, Rocket Girl is so adorable! Glad you're getting back in to the swing of things (minus the sleep), hopefully the weather will warm up for you soon. Loving your thrifty finds, such beautiful colours!

  6. Your bébé is so, so cute! I love that sleepy photo above and in the second photo she looks very charming and alert at 3 weeks. And I love the colour of your shoes and cardigan. I've seen it in yarn here with colour called "bleu petrole".

  7. Great to hear your news and glad that everything is going well. Rocket girl is a real cutie and does have amazing hair! I'm a big fan of the teal finds and like you, am really wishing for the onset of spring, or at least, spring-like temperatures.

  8. Debbie I went all goo at that top picture! SO cute! I'm glad that you're all settling into your new extended family life, but don't envy the two hourly feeds (must be chilly having to be half undressed for the duration of a feed - which for me always seemed to be forever!)
    The "finds" pics look so cute too - nice colour. Interesting that you're sharing the lace around - I had some from Birmingham - it would be worth a post in the future to see what everyone makes with it .....kind of like the travelling notions concept that I vaguely remember from last year on some blogs .... anyway, lovely to see your beautiful pics & hear how you're getting on :-)

  9. Adorable! Her eyes are wide open! I love that color too - so happy and springy. ;)

  10. Gorgeous photos! love your finds too xx

  11. Thank you guys for the comments . @Tors, I agree with you on the colours and the adorable baby!
    @Mommy en France, I ve seen it described as petrol blue here in the UK too. I do have a liking for taking photos of my kids asleep.
    @Clare, maybe we won't have to wait too much longer for some warmth. Teal is another great word for that colour. @Scruffy, I have my patchwork quilt made by my mum for wrapping up in for the night feeds! Plus a trusty ancient hoodie. I like the idea of the travelling notions...will have to think about that.
    @Donna, Yes, it is a springy color, her eyes are staying open a bit more every day (and often at 2am too).
    @Alex, thank you, I have been missing you in nlogging land. xxx

  12. Gorgeous photo of the little ones...Rocket Girl is definitely super sweet.
    So pleased that the outfits are useful as it is always nice to make something for a new baby. They are machine washable by the way!
    Take care!!!x

    Boden send me catalogues constantly but I don't even look now and they go straight in the recycling box as I just can't afford Boden prices any more.

  13. Aw - sweet pictures!
    I never had a car when I had babies so I hadn't thought through how to get the older kids into school without dragging the baby along with a whole car-seat-to-puchchair-transfer thing to negotiate along the way - that sounds tricky! I think we would have been late every morning!

  14. Hi, this is just to let you know that you won the give-away on my site, congrats! Just send me an email to let me know your address - donnalhensley (at) gmail (dot) com. :)

  15. What sweet baby photos, plus with one of your bigger girls - just ove that, precious!
    PS those shoes are awesome - my fave colour!