Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I didn't knit this....

I didn't knit these wrist warmers.  

Or these fingerless gloves.  

I didn't knit this toddler hat.
Or these flower brooches.
But I did buy them all back in early October from a group of older ladies who knit to raise funds for the local hospice.  I have wrapped them all up as christmas gifts.
Much as I would like to make many gifts, it is unlikely to happen due so this is maybe the next best thing.   Now, if only those ladies could knit me up an i-pad and dslr, that would be great.  Are you making Christmas gifts this year?


  1. How lovely! I'm impressed that you've gotten such a nice jumpstart on your Christmas gifts! I'm planning to make some gifts-- I'm hoping that I can be really productive with my subway commute knitting and get through a hat a week from now until Christmas. Not sure if that's feasible, but I'm going to try! :)

  2. :D
    They look lovely, I especially like the flowers. I've decided I want to make a lace shawl for my granny, if I can figure out how to start the triangle. The thing about the rotating the knitting by 90° is still confusing the heck out of me... I've also been meaning to do a crocheted Batman doll for a geeky friend.

  3. It's an excellent way to support hand-knitting!! :)

  4. I always love handmade gifts whether I know the maker or not. They are much more special. I would really like to make some Christmas gifts this year - I usually make a few - but time is running away from me so I will have to see!

  5. Haha, if you find that handknit dslr and ipad, let me know, I want in! Those look like lovely gifts for their recipients :-). I've made a fair amount of baby clothing this year (who knew that 2013 was the year all my friends would decide to give birth???) ... might be petering out ... although my mom's requested a crocheted scarf, and I can't turn her down ;-).