Tuesday, 23 August 2011

And my thanks go to...

A while ago the lovely Caroline from Gran Plumley nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award. Thank you Caroline.
I am supposed to tell you seven things about me, hopefully things that you don't already know, well I couldn't think what to tell so here are some random things:

1. I bought this Quiksilver bag for £1 in a Devon charity shop two weeks ago. I love it as it is big enough to hold drinks for me and Little I without being bulky. I can fit a paperback in there too. It also has a good size phone pocket, a camera pocket and a keys pocket. Plus it has little bits of red trim on. What more can I ask for?

2. I like the little things in life. I like blogs that celebrate this. See no. 3.

3. I have a new ring from here
Do you like it? It makes me smile.

4. My mum taught me to sew and until recently she was my go-to reference person for sewing advice and techniques. Yes, I would phone her (200 miles away) and ask questions about bias binding or preparing fabric.

5. Now my mum has memory problems, this is my go-to reference book for sewing techniques. I found it in my local library a couple of years ago

and a friend then kindly bought it for me for my birthday. I think finding a sewing reference book you can really get on with is quite a personal and individual thing, not everyone will like working from the same book.

I don't have any affiliation to Ruth Singer but I love this book, it has clear step by step instructions and photos. She also has a blog here. I have included a photo of the page on bound buttonholes (see I am always thinking of you, Ms Scruffybadger)

6. With regard to memory problems, I am taking part in a sponsored walk for the Alzheimer's Society next month. Somewhat ironically, I had forgotten all about it until today and haven't got any sponsors yet. Ooops. Let's hope I remember to turn up onthe day.

7. Ummm, can't think of a number seven fact...errr...how about this? I was doing a PhD in my mid-twenties, I left with an MPhil, having had to decide whether to take the MPhil or do substantive rewriting (unfunded) and I think walking away from the PhD was one of the best decisions I ever made! Seriously, I think it saved my sanity. My thesis resides in a cupboard at my mum's house, though I believe it would make a good doorstop. It took about five years until I could bear to look at it after completion. It also took a long time before I would tell anyone about it as I thought it meant I was a failure. I always used to think that I shouldn't give up on anything because you should doggedly See Things Through. Now I think that sometimes you should walk away from some things in your life and that to leave can take more courage than to stay. (Is that a bit too serious for this blog? Caroline, look what you have started!)

Now I am supposed to nominate five blogs to receive this award, these people may have already had this award, sorry if you have, but at least you can feel a warm glow of happiness (??)


  1. That ring is fabulous. I too got halfway through a Ph.D. very happily walked away from it. Probably the best decision I ever made.

  2. What a coincidence - maybe one day we can compare stories. x

  3. How cute is your little ring!! Love it

  4. I love reading this interesting facts about people! I have a thesis, just a humble Honours one.. and I haven't looked at it for decades.

  5. Wow! Thank you so much for the nomination...I don't know so much about the warm glow of happiness more like a volcanic eruption I would say!I keep hovering on the brink of the pit of self doubt so it was wonderful to read my blog title on your post.Thank you and it shall give me the encouragement to be more interesting.
    Congratulations on your award!!xx

  6. I just saw this today. Thank you so much, I'm very flattered and it was a much needed nice thing in a week that has been very mixed otherwise. And of course big congrats to you on your award. :-)