Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Not New Year Resolutions

There have been lots of sewing resolutions and planning posts across the blogosphere the past few days. I have enjoyed reading these but am holding back on making a grand plan.

I have some projects I would like to do, some skills I would like to work on, but everything I think of then has the proviso added to it (in a high semi hysterical squeaky voice) ..."but I'm due to have a baby, soon". Eeek.
I probably won't have time or energy for sewing for a good while. My body is going to be changing shape so I am not really going to be able to work on garment fitting. I will be super sleep deprived so no complicated projects. So, I am going to step away from big sewing plans for now, maybe in a few months I can work some out.

HOWEVER, and there always is a however isn't there? Like lots of other blogging sewers, I did receive the Colette sewing book for Christmas and my little brain is ticking away at how to amend the liquorice dress to give it a front fastening so it is easier to feed a baby while wearing it. I also thought about sewing up the taffy blouse as it looks relatively quick. I still want to try sewing more knits but haven't found it very easy to buy knit fabrics.

I also bought myself a present "Simple Modern Sewing", subtitle: "8 basic patterns to create 25 favourite garments" Such phrases are music to my ears. The clothes in here do look quite simple to make and also look sympathetic to a post pregnancy body.

Lots of layering and floppy shapes. Also the unspoken message, make these clothes and you too will be a serene, happy woman in a peaceful clutter free house.

Loose baggy trousers are a weakness of mine

I am going to carry on with not buying new RTW clothing. This will be my third year so it no longer feels like a resolution, it is now just how I live and has become the norm.

I do want to work on the blog and improve its appearance and my photography but once again the little voice creeps in (the one about that baby).

As the recent months have been tough, this is my main resolution: I am resolved to be kind to myself, give myself a break and as I muddle through 2012 not to compare myself to other sewing/crafty bloggers out there in a negative way. I have so enjoyed making connections with other bloggers this past year, a continual source of inspiration and fun. Long may it last. xx


  1. Good idea not to make too many sewing plans with a baby on the way. I am trying to stay clear of that too. Before christmas I was sewing like a crazy woman but since New Years I have been sitting in my bed tired and waiting for baby to come. 39+5 today so can't be long now. I wonder how much energy I will have once it arrives though.

  2. Pretty new book - I love this style of photos. :) It's probably smart to hold the bigger plans back for a while - you'll have a baby! *squee* Um, sorry. That's my general reaction to anything human and tiny and new. You can imagine that I had a hard time getting the smile off my face during my OBS rotation. ;)
    Have a wonderful, happy new year, best of luck with finding into your new routine, and if all else fails, just let Daddy babysit while you take a bubble bath or spend a relaxing hour with your sewing machine. ;)

  3. That sounds like the best plan of all - be kind to yourself! I love the look of that simple Japanese-style sewing book. Nothing too stressful to sew and eminently wearable :)

  4. what a great looking book, lucky you! have a great year being kind to yourself. take it eeeeasy :)

  5. I really like the look of the Simple Modern Sewing book. Amazon casually suggested it to me in my last recommendations email - they're such enablers! Have a great year and take things as easy as baby allows

  6. I had the Colette book too...i love the look of your simple modern sewing book. Hope you are feeling well xx

  7. Lovely books make me want to sew lovely clothes but life keeps getting in the way for me and I don't have a new baby as an excuse.

    The amazing amount of things you have sewn in the last few months will see you through the next few months and well into spring so you really don't need to feel that you should still be sewing!

    Wishing you some peace and quiet :)

  8. Oh yes, that's a perfect minnado book. I can see why it appeals. I agree with everyone, you've enough on your plate, be kind to yourself, do what you can do. And let yourself be looked after too! Xx

  9. This post put a smile on my face. Really what could be better a resolution than to have reasonable expectations. And then your main idea: to be kind to yourself. That was my secret, unspoken resolution last year, and it was actually very empowering. Whenever I started in with the self-criticsm or comparison to others, I reminded myself that this was not the time for that. I could either do something I wanted to do or just cut myself a little slack.

    And of course, I have zero regrets about time spent cuddling my offspring.

  10. I have this book too! I like the frilly legged trousers but don't think I dare wear them!

    Take care of yourself and thinking of you xx

  11. Woot woot! It's been fun getting to know you too! Glad you're not going to give up sewing once the baby's here, and love the pretty floaty garments...can the pattern people send us all that lovely serenity those models have??? ;)

    Good luck with your sewing plans xx

  12. That is a wonderful plan! And I can´t but agree with the others, becoming a mother to a newborn again is the natural focus for you right now! :-) And if you can find some peace to make some Simple Modern Sewing, that´s just bonus, right?

    Good luck with everything this year!

  13. Be kind to yourself --- that's something I definitely need to do more of, glad you are putting that at the forefront! It's so true though, what's the point of a beautiful wardrobe if you're not nice to yourself?

    So very exciting that baby will be here any day now! The sewing will always be there, however much or little you get to ... we just want to see you happy and sane!