Saturday, 21 July 2012

car booting 1 and unrelated stuff

Little I chose a toadstool house and an elephant mask

A cornishware jug

 Bleary eyed and fueled by a strong coffee, I have been each month since May to a once monthly village car boot early on a sunday morning (as in 7.45am).  Now they are finished again for another year.  I didn't find my dream car boot find of a dressmakers' dummy, but I did get quite a lot of useful things.  I am going to have to divide the finds into two posts. The final car boot had sunshine so there were more stalls.  

A swiss chalet music box
 And that meant the lady with tins of buttons was finally there. I also bought a couple of zips from her.

White buttons - they are lying on my current WIP, a dark blue traveller dress,with pink tailors tacks

A biiiiiggggg xylophone with cymbals and tambourine

Other items include a fat unopened packet of A4 card, a small wicker suitcase for holding dollies, some sleepsuits for Rocket Girl, and a snowsuit for next winter, a dvd for T.    More pictures in part 2. 

Finally, for the unrelated stuff, look at this junkyard below.
Yesterday morning, I was waiting to get a last minute haircut* and decided to look at the local antiques centre.  The owners had closed up for the day and gone to play golf! But this is what was outside....worth a return trip I think.  I am curious to see what is inside the warehouse. 

* It was the last day of term, suddenly a haircut before the children are on holiday seemed imperative.  Much more important than food shopping....I bought eggs from the now the fridge has eggs, yoghurt and um, not much else.


  1. So are you girls fighting over the Swiss chalet music box?

  2. Looks like a good haul! That antique's centre looks good if the outside is anything to go by, perhaps you'll find something lovely there - Finger's crossed!

    Rocket Girl is looking very cute!

  3. That sounds very reasonable to me. I bet it's easier to take the kids grocery shopping after a breakfast off eggs and yoghurt than taking them with you to have your hair cut. :D Those buttons are truly lovely!

  4. Some great buys, I do love a good boot fair. x

  5. Great carboot finds! I am hoping for a dressmakers dummy too, no luck yet but I did get a kitchen sink this week for £5 so Russ is very happy xxx

  6. Great planning Debbie...I can imagine having a haircut with little ones is not the most relaxing! Great carboot finds - it's great that you are finding benefits from your early morning calls on a Sunday :-)