Sunday, 12 August 2012

18 things recently

 Recently, I have:

  1. Walked through a lot of muddy puddles - fun
  2. Had a number of picnics
  3. Made lots of baby food
  4. Worn lots of baby food
  5. Watched lots of Olympics (bmx racing anyone?)
  6. Built a cot bed for RG with my friend - yay!
  7. Dropped the cot bed side on my toe - ouch!
  8. Thought I must wear shoes when building cots
  9. Hosted various nine and five year old friends
  10. Had my house thoroughly dissed by a five year old guest (On entry: "Hmmm....this place is still a mess.  Why is that?"*)
  11. Been asked by a shop assistant (male) if I was certain my car was three door, not five (My answer involved the phrase "How stupid do you think I am?")
  12. Had various small chidren stand on my bruised toe - ouch! 
  13. Considered steel toed boots
  14. Sewed up my Anna Maria Horner top
  15. Dropped my folded big heavy pram on my bruised toe - ouch, ouch!
  16. Thought about making these trousers with my blue fabric from the previous post...

Or the dress above....
17. Finished a very scrappily sewn maxi skirt refashion. 

18. Packed up my THREE DOOR car for a trip to Devon.  See you when I get back.

PS: What have you been up to recently? Met any patronising shop assistants? Dropped large objects on bare feet?  *Or have you met any cute looking five year olds who seem possessed by a 60 year old lady?


  1. I couldn't help laughing at this list, but I'm sorry to hear about the toe owie and the patronizing salesman! I'm looking forward to seeing the new top though. :)

  2. BMX racing! I didn't know it existed but boy does that look like fun! Well, except for the racing part and the crashing into other cyclists part. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Kids can be so judgemental. I remember being asked, "Mom, do you think you look good in that?" in a voice that indicated I did not. Cold never wear that dress again. I am loving my steel-toed boots with ankle support, but think that if I wore them in the house I would probably stamp all over others toes.

    Have a fun trip!

  4. very funny!
    There are always some children who always manage to make you feel very "withered" and would have suitable candidates for exposure at birth to my way of thinking.
    I have that book and love both the trousers and the dresss whether or not I get to make them who knows.
    BMX...don't tell me...bikes dominate this house and I don't even own one...

  5. 10... bha ha ha ha!

    yay bmx, best sport to watch!!!

  6. Great list :) Hope you have a wonderful trip! xxx

  7. Have a great holiday Debbie! It sounds as if your list was telling you that an escape was needed. Rest your toe, forget about children steeped in their parents' funny ways and have enjoy!!

  8. HAHAHAHAHA! Kids can be so cutting sometimes! I once had a child say to me, "You're... strange." You should have seen the look on the brat's face!

    Hope you guys have a fabulous trip!

  9. Well I hope to see you in Devon!! But WOW you have that book, I secretly bought it too, added it instantly to the bookshelf so it looked as if it had always been there! I love it!!!!

  10. Ouchy foot news! We get dissed by children in our house all the time. The latest was a new friend of Miss Amoo's from Brownies who said "My dad would go MENTAL if our house looked like this"

    Happy holidays!

  11. Oh, my! You must wear steel-toed boots, undoubtedly! Please take care! This post made ​​me laugh, thanks.

  12. I keep looking at that book (and other similar Japanese titles) I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.
    Watch out for those Dartmoor ponies if you're not in the steel toe caps!