Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Recently,  this little boy (aged three in the photo) turned ten. 
 How did that happen?  And more recently:
  •  I discovered taking two ten year olds out to lunch is fun - who knew ten year olds could be such good dining companions?
  • I managed to make a Yoshi cake as requested. Not the best  cake ever but a pinnacle of achievement for me.  I now know my 3 years studying for an art degree weren't wasted - ha ha.. 
  • We survived having his best friend for a sleepover.  In fact, it was fine, no problems.  Phew.

  •    Little RG was unwell and clingy all last week but is back on fighting form now. 

  •  I have finished my Sew LisetteTraveller dress in dark blue.  I am so happy it is finally done.  It has been hanging in the dining room awaiting finishing for months.  It hung there so long that it had several yoghurt stains on it where RG had thrown her food around the room.  So, before I can show it  here it has to be washed. 
  •  I have almost finished my mystery dress - just the hem left.  Finishing a garment is soooooo good.


  1. I am super impressed by that cake, that´s for sure! Love it! Happy birthday to your boy, and I am looking forward to seeing your recent makes!

  2. I'm super impressed by cake too!

  3. Hope your son had a wonderful birthday! Love the yoshi cake xxx

  4. Cake looks wonderful. And yay for finishing the dress!
    Also, happy birthday to your boy. :)

  5. 10! Wow! Hope he had a good birthday, sounds like did :-). That cake looks very impressive! And ... hurrah for finishing up garments! (I have to admit, it cracked me up a bit to think of your Lisette dress as a sort of excavation of your life in the past months)

  6. Happy birthday to your big boy :) and congrats on sewing progress! looking forward to seeing results!

  7. Happy birthday, guy! Love the cake!