Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sew liberated jeans - #2

Two spools
After my last post about these jeans a couple of you commented that you had twin needles but had never tried them.  Well, Catherine and Gingermakes ...I am daring you to get to work with your twin needles, because if I can do it, you two certainly can. 
Last week,I looked at my machine and realised the star shaped hole on the right of the top was an extra spool holder hole, a quick look at the accessories that came with the machine and I found a spool holder that fit in the hole.  Cue me: "Ohhhhhh, that's what that's for".  I only had my machine for three years before realising. 

The front faux pockets
I chose to use two shades of blue, influenced by my friend's jeans.  While chatting last week I was surreptitiously checking out her jeans and their two coloured top stitching.  (Since starting this project, I keep checking other peoples' jeans for details and shape.  I have been trying to do it without looking like a staring weirdo.)  Threading the two threads was a bit fiddly as you have to ensure they don't twist and they want to twist!  Then I had a practice go and was pleased I didn't have to fiddle with the tension as I had expected. 
The back with a yoke

So I pressed on and sewed the faux front pockets and the back yokes.  Next, is the patch pockets.  But I was worrying about sizing so I decided I would first tack the jeans together to try them on.  I wanted to make sure I had the size right before spending time on the details.  I cut out a size 8 which I think equated to a UK size 10 but I am not too sure. I had followed Mary's tip of comparing the pattern to my usual RTW skinny jeans.  The pattern looked big next to those especially on the legs.  I cut out the 8.  The front looked so tiny to me that I had to check I could squeeze into it.  Answer: I could!  The legs seem wide though and there are some fitting issues round the crotch.   I am next going to unpick the tacking and carry on with the patch pockets and tackle the leg fit when I sew the leg seams for real. 
Finally, I will leave you with this picture: Little I learning to sew!  Dressed for the occasion in pyjamas and a carnival mask of course.  She was saying " Put the needle in, pull the needle out" over and over. 


  1. Ooh I shall have to go and have a look at my machine now to see if it does the same as yours! I like the idea of using two different coloured threads. Little I will be whipping up her own clothes in no time! x

  2. Awww, Little I! How cute! Your topstitching looks awesome! Now I'll HAVE to get that twin needle out! :)

  3. Good thinking on using different coloured threads!! Wouldn't have though of that! And I'm thrilled to see the start of Little I's sewing and refashioning career!! Love that she's celebrating through her outfit:-)

  4. Your stitching looks very neat! My Grandma's machine only has one bobbin holder and she used to do twin stitching, I think she must have used a wound bobbin like you said. I know what you mean about eyeing other people's jeans. I would like to make some (after you - I'm seeing how you get on!) and have been getting jeans inspiration everywhere. There seems to be quite a lot of variartion in construction, my husband's jeans even have faux flat felled seams, which having been made in a factory I wasn't expecting. (I've been worried about whether my home machine will cope with the thickness required for jeans.)

  5. Well I have to take up the challenge now don't I !!??

  6. I am desperately behind on my blog reading, and I´ve just gone through your last posts, and I am intrigued by your jeans- making, that pattern sounds interesting! I´ve used a twin-needle for different types of projects, but I was fascinated to read the instructions for my sewing machine (it´s from 1964), that there is room for two needles in it, and it explains how to thread for two needle sewing. Very cool, I must say.

    I love the dresses from your last post too, by the way! :-)

  7. Good on you for the twin needle stitching! I like the two colours and the stitches look very nice. My first attempt at twin needling was done with a machine that (I think) didn't have a second spool holder (the normal one looked like yours, so not upright) so the two threads always twisted up after a few stitches. I wonder though if I just didn't find the second holder...?
    Hehe, also good on you for training an apprentice sewist. You'll have her seam-ripping and basting and such in no time! :)

  8. I'm so in awe of people who make jeans! Yay for Little 1 learning to sew!

  9. I am so checking my machine now if I can use twin needles :)