Wednesday, 19 March 2014

FO: Small sewing for small peoples

I sewed some small trousers for Rocket Girl from a piece of batik fabric I found amongst my mum's fabric stash.  The pattern is New Look 6906 and I am not sure if I bought this about four years ago or if Ms Scruffybadger gave it to me! I am almost certain it came from ScruffyB.  ( If it was one from you Winnie, Thank You!!  And look, I finally sewed from it. )  There wasn't enough fabric to make a matching top, but I am happy to have put one of the many small pieces of fabric to good use. 
The pattern is really straightforward - you just do a casing for waist with elastic insert and sew a casing inside each lower leg in which you insert narrow elastic to create the frilled effect.  For the inside leg casing I used som ready made bias binding I had been given.  I really like the frilled effect and feel I am just too old to wear such things myself so it gave me great pleasure to sew some for RG.
I made life slightly more complicated by adding two patch pockets on the back.  Little Rocket Girl really likes to stick her hands in her pockets.
She wore these trousers to playgroup and they stayed up!  I forgot to take the camera though so will have to take photos another day.
This is such a simple pattern and so quick to sew, I am thinking of making some more  for summer days.


  1. I love the fabric (being a huge fan of ethnic print) and these look lovely and comfy - just the job for a active toddler. I would definitely sew up some more as from what I recall they need a lot of clean clothes (although no comfort here, my two teenage girls aren't much better!) x

  2. Gorgeous!! Love the choice of fabric and yes, I remember that pattern!! How wonderful that you've a small you to sew for....because I'm just like you, wish that I could wear frills, and need to remind myself that I am too old too!!

  3. Spring is officially here - summer to come soon!

  4. Lovely! These look perfect for running around and having fun :-). I say we have a frills-on-PJs making party sometime! Victorian nightgowns, anybody? :-P.

    1. Thank you and yes to frilly pj making party! I really need new nightwear xx