Monday, 21 July 2014

On my sewing table

Except I don't really have a sewing table.  More accurately, on my ironing board and on my dining table....
Burda 7018.  I decided to make a jacket using the remaining denim left over from my V1246 skirt.  
I browsed my patterns and hesitated for weeks over what jacket to make but finally opted for this one as I wanted to try a jeans jacket.  I bought it in the half price Burda sale last month at Jaycotts. For some reason Blogger keeps rotating the photo below, so please excuse this.  I am making view A, shortish with a waistband.

So far, sewing this jacket has been fun.  It is the kind of step by step construction that I like and making it has made me think about the construction of RTW jackets.  I have sewn the curved front seams, the fake pocket tabs, the side and shoulder seams and the waistband.  Plus I have added side pockets as I know I won't get much wear out of a pocketless jacket.  

And then there's the topstitching!  Twin needle time. (A new twin needle was among my birthday presents from my lovely friend Emma, **Hello Emma**) I spent about three weeks thinking about what colour to do my topstitching.  I kept checking out any denim jackets I saw.  Finally I decided last week to do the top stitching in red. 
The frustrating part is I have to sew the construction in blue threads, then changes needles and threads for topstitching.  To have two machines like Sonja would be brilliant for a project like this!  If you haven't tried twin needles for top stitching I recommend you do - it is fab.
I am expecting this project to take quite a while to finish as it is now school holidays.  But for the first time in ages I am really enjoying the sewing journey rather than rushing to the end product.  What is on your sewing table?  And is it really a dedicated sewing table?  Or does it share functions with other people, eating, other crafts....?


  1. I finally relented tonight and cleared away my pattern cutting from the dining room table so we could have tea there! I love the colour you have chosen for the top stitching. I am watching a craftsy class on jacket construction at the moment but am too nervous to actually start something this tailored! I look forward to seeing your progress and it will hopefully spur me on as well!

    1. It's not as tailored as you may think ! It has curved seams and piecing a bit like a princess line dress. I think k you should make a jacket too! We 've eaten a lot of meals on the sofa when the table is covered in crafting, though I am making a big effort to make everyone now eat at the table as manners had evaporated. X

  2. Ooh I like the look of this project! It would be very ambitious for me to make something like this, but I know I would wear it all the time. I like slow sewing, too. Rushing to a deadline just spoils it for me plus I always make mistakes when I do! I think red is a great choice for the topstitching but I've just top stitched a skirt in red so I may be a little biased...I have a 'sewing corner' that I adore. Being able to leave the machine set up makes a massive difference as I can do a few minutes while the tea cooks etc. It's surprising how much you can get done that way.

  3. Thank you. I like the sound of your sewing corner. I agree you can achieve more than you think by small bursts of sewing. I am going to encourage you to try a jacket too! X

  4. Oh, this is going to be so cute! I really like the pattern and the red topstitching is so fun! I wish you had a second machine for the topstitching, but sometimes it's fun to take a project slowly, especially something like a jacket. Maybe you'll find one at an op shop soon!

  5. Ooh yay, jean jackets! I haven't had one of those in ages! The red top-stitching looks great, and it looks like it's going to turn out really cute and versatile!
    Oh and I got your package! Thanks so much! :D I've already started on the chocolate, which is very yummy, and the fabrics are in the wash while I'm thinking about what to make with them. :)