Sunday, 27 June 2010

Recent junk finds and sewing update

Some recent charity shop finds
I took Little I to a small shoe shop in a village in the countryside. I couldn't get any shoes to fit her at the well known national UK retailers of children's shoes. After we purchased a pair of pink sandals that fitted her we found there was a charity shop opposite where we found this cardigan. I loved the sleeve shape - it is a wool and cashmere blend and too warm to wear at the moment. Little I displayed a typical three year old's taste and chose a Barbie doll dressed in a ball gown for 95p. She calls her Princess. (I feel there is a whole other post brewing about why she would choose a Barbie)

Next up this cardigan from Oxfam in Exeter - it has a hood, pockets (yay, I love pockets) and is lined in a really soft teddy-bear fur like fabric. It is just the kind of thing to wear in autumn for morning trip to school and to see the chickens.

Finally, this wicker suitcase/picnic basket which we are using as toy storage. I have a small collection of wicker suitcases. Partly because we don't have enough cupboards and shelves. The toys were stored in a pink plastic trug but I ran out of large plant pots so tipped toys into suitcase and the trug is now outside housing a bean plant.

And one last pic of the skirt I cut out last week - I know, I know, I said I had too many skirts but this is a plain dark denim one you see and a different shape. So I am puutting this into my Summer Essentials list of five instead of the green patterned A line skirt. Please note the genuine swirly 1950s or 1960s carpet - our house belonged to Mr Minnado's grandmother and we haven't redone every room. My sheath dress is coming along - the major seams are sewn up, the zip is in and I am adding the binding to the sleeves. It is a little odd trying on something much more fitted after a spell of making and wearing fairly loose clothing. I am searching for some kind of happy medium - a dress which is loose enough to be comfortable but not so huge that I look pregnant. Not sure I have found it yet.


  1. Hi, i love your charity shop finds. Great idea about the ribbon for my skirt i will try that if i haven't got enough material. I'm going to finish it off this evening and then start on my next skirt tomorrow. I really need to start on some tops. Hope your skirt and dress are coming on well. Have a lovely evening x

  2. Great finds! Looking forward to the sheath and the skirt :)