Sunday, 18 December 2011

FESA /maternity round up

Looking back and uploading these photos, I realised I have sewn more maternity clothes than I realised. I also have still got one skirt and a dress to show you but the camera is currently awaiting a new cable. Plus I refashioned a pair of brown velvet jeans found at the back of a cupboard at my mum's house and never photographed them.
Making these maternity clothes has been an exercise in making myself a little capsule wardrobe, something I have thought and read about but never managed to do.
The most used item? It has to be the mariposa jersey dress - it has accomodated my growing bump and can be layered over long sleeved tees and leggings as the weather has got colder. Dresses are so comfortable at this stage. Interestingly, the mariposa dress is one item friends have seemed surprised is home made. I think it is meant as a compliment when they say "You made that??!!"
The trousers have been good but tend to fall down a bit, a problem I have found with many maternity trousers. The grey trousers were being worn a lot but it is now too cold for them. I have also worn my shorts a lot, I love them, most recently I have been wearing them over leggings as I cannot be comfortable in tights anymore. I also love my pyjamas.

Now to work out the cost:

Purple cords for refashioning: £2

Green trouser fabric: £2

White tunic top : £4

Mariposa dress: £6

Navy blue knit: £6 (for unblogged dress)

Black tee for refashioning:£ 1.50

Burda 8376: £8.00
Handmade Beginnings Book: £8.50

Total £32. Not bad, when the cost on the high street of one pair of maternity jeans is about £29. I also hope some of these clothes I will be wearing after the baby, and I can alter them to fit eventually.

All other fabric and notions were already in my stash. I reused old tee shirts for stretchy panels.

I now feel like I am on a wind down with maternity sewing. I was sorely tempted to make a jacket but just didn't have time. It has been a journey for me. In my previous pregnancies I was given lots of maternity clothes so never made any. Then I gave them all away and started this pregnancy with no maternity clothes stash. In fact, I thought you couldn't really make maternity clothes. I thought you needed some special techniques, special fabrics and special measurements. Sewing maternity clothes has been liberating and super speedy in some ways as I have largely given up on zips, button holes etc. Elastic becomes the maternity sewers friend instead. It has been fun to think in a different way to my usual train of sewing thought and I have enjoyed using up so much of my stash fabric.

I found the Burda 8376 pattern became my basic trouser block used for refashioning as well as making from scratch. I also like the Anna Maria Horner book, her patterns are well written and easy to follow. The book has a lot of things in it that are for baby which I haven't made but would use for present making in the future. I am however, tempted to make a changing bag from it now.

Now, once my camera is fixed I can show you the final two items.


  1. I think that your little capsule wardrobe is a credit to your ingenuity and stylish flair combined with it all only costing so little is absolutely fantastic.You have shown that with a little thought you can look wonderful ( and,might I add not at all "home made"...someone asked me a few weeks ago whether or not I felt home made which I took to mean that they obviously thought that I looked it!) and be comfortable without having to spend a small fortune.
    Take care of yourself in the remaining time and enjoy Christmas but looking forward to seeing the changing bag once it is finished!

  2. Congratulations on the capsule wardrobe! You've put all us non pregnant sewists to shame with your productivity! Well, you've put this non pregnant sewist to shame anyway... ;)

    I like how everything can be paired with something else you've made, unlike my usual approach which is just to make something because I like the fabric so much or the pattern appeals to me.

    Go and put your feet up, job well done!

  3. Ah thank you. I starting to relax a bit now term is over. @Mimi, the maternity trousers are quicker to sew than many non-maternity. @urban rustic, funny how we hear these preconceptions about what feeling homemade means.

  4. :) Your capsule wardrobe is lovely! I love the idea that you can have a whole wardrobe for the price of one pair of maternity jeans... Go, you! :)

  5. I love all the maternity clothes you have made! Have a lovely evening xxx

  6. Wow you have been busy!! They all look great. And I second Magpie Mimi, job well done, go put your feet up!

  7. That is quite impressive! Both the array and variety, but also the budget you've managed to keep. Also, I really like how cheerful all of your maternity clothing is. Seems like the perfect way to welcome in a new member of the family ...

  8. That's brilliant! A lesson in resourcefulness if ever there was one.
    And THANK YOU. I seem to have mislaid your email address, which is ridiculous. Lovely, lovely, lovely! :)
    Have a wonderful relaxing holiday time.

  9. Thank you for the lovely comments. I am relaxing a bit now.
    Once again I am having trouble leaving comments on other blogger sites. Roobeedooo, glad you liked it. x

  10. I've really enjoyed your post too - sounds like the perfect excuse to get organised for thinking about what your personal capsule wardrobe should be. Like the others you are super resourceful & have chosen beautiful bright colourful fabrics & very stylish patterns. It's great to see some Birmingham Rags in there too! Your baby has had a good stylish start with his/her incubation! Do have a fabulous break & I hope you are getting looked after lots!!

  11. Wow, you've done quite a bit of sewing! What a range and for 32, quite a steal. Wishing you wonderful holidays and final restful days before baby :)