Friday, 23 March 2012

family fashion archive

Today, I have an exciting new project to share - together with Alessa from Farbenfreude.  I was intrigued when Alessa recently posted some of her family's old photos and was compelled to post some of my own.  Well after a bit of thought (though not too much) we have created a new flickr group Family Fashion Archive.  It is a place to share photos of past fashions and inspiration for future sewing.  I hope you will be inspired to join in.  You can go to the group  and see Catherine's amazing 19th century pictures, Alessa's images which span the 1940s to 1960s and my own which are from the 60s and early 70s.
My mum, somewhere in Minnesota, in the early 60s.  I love the sleeve shape on the coat
This lady is unknown - my mum cannot remember who she is!  But she is by the Mississipi River in about 1962
  We have set the group up so that you need to be invited to join if you want to post pictures but you can still comment as a nonmember.  Please either contavt us via the flickr page or comment here or over at Alessa's blog(with your flickr contact name).   Despite being super busy with her internship, Alessa found time to make a button.  My problem today is I cannot figure out how to add the grab box code.  I hope to amend this soon!

I am hoping that eventually we will be able to see new outfits inspired by some of the archive photos. Hope to some of you over in that there flickr.


  1. Wow, that coat of your moms is great! And I love the idea of the Flikr group. I can contribute some from the 1930's.

    I'm trying to figure out where she might be in Minnesota. Since most of the lakes are in flat areas, I think this must have been taken on a river, probably the St. Croix.

    Besides the clothes, one thing I love about old family photos are the pets wandering around in the background, immortalized in their innocent pursuits.

    1. My mum has memory problems now so we don't know where it was. They were living in Rochester when this was taken, if that is any help! They were working at the Mayo Clinic for a year. I agree about random pets in the background.

  2. What a beautiful idea! I'll fish around to see if I've got any archive photos and send a Flickr request :)

  3. I think this is such a wonderful idea, I would love to join in and post some photos.

  4. Thank you for your invite...and the mention above.It is one of those coincidences that I had been thinking already about posting old photos when both yourself and Alessa pipped me to it!
    I have loads of photos and some showing some very interesting examples of prams and pushchairs that you might like!

  5. What a great idea! You two --- internship, new baby --- and you STILL come up with amazing stuff like this! I love it. Next time I go to my parent's I'll see if I can scan some photos of my mom in the 70s ...

  6. It's such a lovely idea. I'd love to post some of my Mum, if I had any, as she made all of her clothes & always looked so well dressed in the 60s & 70s. She's probably too modest though, which is a shame.