Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sunny sunshine

The lovely Donna from nid du tissus nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  Thank you, Donna.
 I have to answer some questions and nominate 10 blogs which bring sunshine to my life.  Donna and I share a similar reading list so some of the blogs I would have automatically nominated were on her list, so I have tried not to repeat any nominations!

completely irrelevent illustration

Anyway here are my Q&A:

Favourite colour:  Yellow
Favourite animal: um...I don't really have one...
Favourite number: 8
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Coffee (real not instant)
Facebook or twitter: Facebook, in a very limited way.
My passion: um, after my family...making and making, oh and making
Getting or giving presents: Both
Favourite Pattern: Sew U skirt block, so easy to adapt and reuse
Favourite day of the week: I like them all!
Favourite flower: Peony or dahlias

Favourite celebrity role model: I don't have one, I am not drawn into celebrity culture, unless you count Louise Burgeois or Frank Auerbach? Hang on, does Katherine Hepburn count as celebrity? I see a difference between celebrity (a bit vapid) and proper film star.  Am I getting too serious here?

And blogs:

Tors at girlmeetswolf
Luna Landing
Mari at Pieces of Fab
Clare at A zigzag path
Caroline at Gran Plumley
Jackie at Blissfully Imperfect
Magpie Mimi
Tamsin at pimpmycurtains (love the blogname)
Rachel at Orange and Green

and one extra: Miss Dibs who I am keeping fingers crossed for as she's stuck in a waiting game.


  1. Heh, I love your completely irrelevant illustrations! I think Katherine Hepburn should count!

    1. Thank you. The funny faces were from last week with my four year old off school unwell. We bought the kit for a pound from a lady selling toys from her garden in Devon!

  2. Aww! thank you!

    Yup, Katherine Hepburn counts. You can tell you like your job when you say you like everyday of the week.

    1. he,he. Last night at kids'swimming lessons with a crying furious baby, I did think I don't like wednesdays much!

  3. Well done with your award...and definitely Katherine Hepburn!

  4. Hello! Thank you for the award - it brought a little sunshine my way :-)

  5. ...and Katherine Hepburn works for me too!

  6. Wow - an award, thank you!

  7. Aww thanks. It's sure brightened up my day....night?And what a waiting game it is. Got a date now, sooner than I expected. Game's definitely coming to a close.

  8. Thank you so much! The five-year-old in me thinks it is really cool that we have the same favourite colour:)