Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me Made May days 18 - 22 - lessons learnt

A catch up, and some lessons learnt.  Photographing outfits is like a long critical look in the mirror, I can see faults and mistakes.  So I am going to take action this month and get rid of the unflattering.
On friday I wore my tartan Simplicity 2259 top but took no photo.  Saturday was a bit of a wash out I wore my stripey tee shirt and tried a purple cardigan given to me by a friend who no longer wanted it.  I think dark purple doesn't suit me, it seems to drain my colour. In analysing her own me mades, the lovely Donna recently commented that navy seems to drain her face, well, I think for me it is navy AND dark purple! I think I am going to pass this cardigan on again to someone else.  The thrifted jeans are labelled size 10 but they are huge, as we all know sizes vary but they are  ridiculously big round the middle.  I am not saying I am a small size ten either, some brands size ten are too small for me.  Though it just occurred to me that they are DKNY jeans and maybe they are a US size ten?  Ah, the penny drops...it makes sense now.
Action? Take the cardigan to the charity shop! Unless anyone reading this wants a purple Next wrap cardigan size UK 10?  

Oh dear,day 19 ..saturday unbrushed hairday.... me made stripey tee shirt, thrifted scarf and jeans, cardigan passed onto me by a friend

Sunday day 20  - me made Portfolio dress, thrifted cardigan, ancient converses
 Sunday - I wore my Portfolio Simplicity 2245 dress made in red fabric.  While I love this pattern and my denim version, I have some issues with this dress: I made it too big, so big I wore it at 8 months pregnant (nb : it has no stretchiness), now it looks very tentlike on me. I also realise the fabric choice was a big mistake.  The fabric came from a bin bag I was given from someone else's collection.  It has no drapey quality at all - it just sticks out really. I have been thinking (yeah, thinking, I do that sometimes) maybe this fabric is upholstery fabric, hence the heavy quality, lack of drape. I was so carried away at the time by the fact it was free, labelled Liberty and a pretty faded red shade, that I ignored the weight of the fabric.  Action?  Hmmm, the dress fits and hangs so badly I am considering cutting it up for bag making.  Ali posted in April about discarding and giving away me mades and touched upon what to do with them.  I have an emotional reluctance to get rid of this dress because when I sewed it I was so convinced it would be great.  But it is much worse looking than in the photo, so I think it has got to go.
Day 21 - me made skirt from vintage barkcloth, thrifted tee and cardigan

Monday, Day 21: skirt made from barkcloth found in the same bin bag as the dress fabric above.  I made this skirt when I was a little bit pregnant so I just added an elastic waistband - it is now in need of tightening up as the skirt slid downward during the day! I am thinking in a few months I will take it apart and add darts, zip and waistband.  This is such great fabric.  The thrifted cardigan is too big, but I love the colour.  Action? I could take it in and resize it. 

 And onto today, tuesday, day 22 - tah-dah, an FO.  Amy Butler Anna tunic in polka dot red. The fourth time I have used this pattern. I made it here and here and here.   It is quick and easy to make up, especially as I cheated on making the button loops and used ribbon instead.  I used some cheap polycotton from ebay. Not the nicest fabric but ok.  I mean it's red polka dots - how can you not be happy with red polka dots on?

Day 22 - NEW F.O red polka dot Amy Butler Anna tunic, old thrifted jeans, me made nappy bag  


  1. It's funny, but in re-evaluating our self-stiched clothes over the month, we could finish the month with less than we started with. I love the last photo. You look glowing in that color and the baby is a doll!

  2. oh that vintage fabric is wonderful! and the tunic is so flattering.

  3. I love the last photo, too! Red is a great color on you, and it's such a cute style! I'm so impressed that you've continued to sew during pregnancy and after-- it's hard enough for me to figure out fit stuff without having my body changing all the time! I think it's wise to take stock of what you like and what you feel good in-- I don't have a problem giving away a me-made that just doesn't suit me. I would much rather take the chance that someone else finds it in a charity shop and loves it than have it taking up space in my closet unloved and unworn!

  4. Great set of outfits, thanks for sharing. How do you manage to look so stylish with a baby to look after?

  5. I think I have a lot of work to do as I too have found a lot of me mades that need adjusting or maybe made into bags after the month is out. I really like the Anna tunic, like you said who can be unhappy in red polka dots? x

  6. Whew! Lots happening! Happy belated birthday, I hope this finds you and yours in a healthier state. And I love the new 'do. I actually prefer my hair shorter, but I can't be bothered to cut it as much as I'd need to.

    And I'll be the first to admit that I'm starting to struggle with MMM with fewer me-mades in my closet, but you know what? I also don't (as often) wear something and feel super self-conscious in it. It's sort of liberating to take the lessons and leave the imperfect garment. I never thought I'd ever sew the same thing twice, but I was so dissatisfied with the construction on my denim Colette Rooibos that I've ditched the old and am re-making it with new fabric. I'm determined to make it right this time. :)

  7. I have also been re-evaluating my collection of me-mades since the start of May.Most of them just don't feel "right" anymore and then there are the others that I made just because I liked the pattern without realising that the particular style just would not suit me and they just sit in the wardrobe unworn.Then again I too have made lots of things it would seem from just completely the wrong fabric.Needless to say they are unworn also.I too sorted a few things out to pass on and also found that I just couldn't for some reason or other.Guilt mostly at the thought of time and effort wasted.But we live and learn and it is nice to read that I am not the only one.
    I do like that bark cloth skirt though...don't get rid of that whatever you do!
    Hope you all lurgy free now x

  8. I love your Amy Butler tunic! Hope you are all feeling better now xx

  9. It is interesting what Me Made months throw up in our evaluation. I also love you in red, it really does suit you plenty. So I love your new tunic & the ships skirt is one of my faves. I think the stripey tshirt, being light doesn't allow the purple to drain you. Could you wear a red or coral scarf with this combo to see how the colours work n you? Is seems a shame to discard it....

  10. The polka-dot tunic looks lovely (as does the rocket girl accessory on your arm! :)
    I think there's no shame in discarding or re-making me-mades. I've been reevaluating a few of last year's me-mades, too. Making a bag from the dress sounds like a great idea!