Sunday, 27 May 2012

MM May days 22 - 26 and being upstaged

Another catch up for May....lying in bed at 4.00am this morning having been woken by by the neighbours happily and drunkenly shouting, I thought of all my me made clothes that are still in the loft....I bagged lots of summer clothes up when pregnant in the winter and shoved them up there to create space.  Now suddenly it is hot I want them back! Still never mind, I am wearing what is not in the loft.  I have new found love for my Portfolio franken trousers made last summer.  They are practical and cool on a hot day and great for running around in.  (My favourite RTW summer trousers are still in the loft).  I still love my Simplicity 2259 tops - the reason why I haven't made a Sorbetto is that I already had this simple tank pattern.    
Day 23 - Simplicity 2259 in tartan, Simplicity 2245 portfolio trousers

On the way to school, Day 24 - my first ever Simplicity 2259 and portfolio trousers

Upstaged by Rocket Girl

 Little I took the photo below for me, waiting for her big brother to come out of his classroom.  I am totally upstaged by Rocket Girl.  Oh and that is not a picnic basket but the basket that Little I needs to transport the selection of pink tat she HAS to take with her.
 On friday the flickr group theme was water and I tried a shot in the bathroom, the light was so bad it didn't work, plus look who got in on the act? Totally upstaged again.

Upstaged by Little I

Day 25 -  Mariposa tunic
I haven't yet blogged my new tunic - it is another Mariposa by Anna Maria Horner.  I used some echino linen and pink polka dot bias binding.  I am not sure if it is too much crazy pattern or pretty.  I will do better photos and a related post soon so you can decide for me.  Much better to let others make decisions. 
On Saturday  I was pleased to find my summer Simplicity 3964 dress was not in the loft but at the bottom of a drawer.  It is a  great dress to wear on a hot day as it is so loose and made in some lovely Kaffe Fasset shot cotton.  

Day 26 - Simplicity 3964 - note door is shut to keep out those upstaging kids


  1. A great selection of outfits even if most of your stuff is still in the could always seek revenge on the "upstaging kids" by making them shin up the loft ladder to find the clothes for you.Bit like how the Victorians shoved kids up chimneys .
    I like the pink tat basket too because my daughter when she was the same age used to do exactly just that.Ah,happy days.

  2. I'd suggest you reframe it from being "upstaged" by your children to "accessorizing with" your children?!?!
    Great to see S2599 reappearing, mine will make a come back next week I feel. Also the portfolio trousers- I tried mine on again this week & think they just might need to be made shorter to be acceptable (but are thicker chambray so too hot for now - yipee). Your new tunic looks fantastic, can't wait to hear more about it :-)

  3. It's a beautiful new tunic! I think my favorite outfit of yours for this week is Day 26. It looks comfy and chic. It look like the family is feeling better - I'm glad the tide has turned!

  4. I love all your outfits but especially the last two dresses, how can you ever think floral and polka dots are too much??? hehe! ;) I still have to get my bum in gear and make that Mariposa...naughty me.

  5. you look so good! I love the ruffles on the top. Also looking forward to a post on that great looking tunic! Hope you had a good weekend. x x x

  6. Ilove the ruffles on the top, and looking forward to the post on the tunic which looks great!

  7. Your tunic looks great! I love your 'upstaged photos' xxx

  8. Such cute outfits! I love the Mariposa top-- it's sweet! And the Simplicity 3964 dress is so pretty. I love that style on you!

  9. I think you've just proved my new rule for myself, which is that too much crazy + even more crazy = pretty darn cool. That new Mariposa looks amazing! Brilliant choice of binding :). A real stylish collection of looks this week!

  10. Don't go up in the loft - you will make the weather change! You are doing really well if there is still more hidden away! Looking forward to seeing your new tunic in full detail :)

  11. Argh, I lost my comment. I wanted to say it's fun to see snapshots of your life, upstaged or no ;) and it's also neat to see 1) how great you're doing with MMM and 2) how there's so much cohesion to your me-mades, a real style coming through. Looking forward to seeing that tunic!

  12. Isn't Rocket Girl growing fast! I love day 26, the blue is just lovely and the shape is great too.