Saturday, 27 October 2012


Last sunday I tried taking a picture every hour.  I didn't quite manage it but here's what I did manage.  We had no car and no T for the first part of the day. 

7.30am - note precarious sewing pile behind high chair. 

9.30am - preparing to go out

10.20am - she nodded off on the bus

11am - she dressed herself!  What styling.  And see the misty morning behind.  

12 noon - two friends at the cafe door

1pm - on the way home, mist cleared and sun came out

2pm - doughnuts to celebrate T's return from a chilly cub camp

3pm - the Barbies practice their maths skills (that's right Barbie, use your BRAIN to get ahead)

4pm - the dining table, no room to eat here

5pm - I found this scrumpled up missive from Little I, it reads " I am someth(ing) very special"


  1. How sweet! It's so fun to get a sneak peek into your life!

  2. Oh yes, I remember "preparing to go out". I never perfected it with small children!
    My daughter (now 19) asked recently why she was always in such wierd combinations of clothing in photographs. I explained that it was her own fault - she chose the outfits!

  3. I love this post! And I love Little I's style :) M likes to dress herself as well and as we don't have school uniforms goes to school with her own creations :)

  4. Thank you for these glimpses into your day - what a full day! Those fall leaves look simply divine, and I continue to be blown away by your daughter's styling.

  5. Cool idea and thank you for sharing it with us. I love your daughter's note, as well as her fashion sense. :-) And lucky you to have brainy Barbies - around here the little cabbages like to stage "Barbie Balls" in which Babs and friends get super dressed up and go to a ball. Sigh.

  6. Sweet idea. I really got a nice glimpse into your family.

  7. So sweet, I loved this litte photo journal!! And of course your commentary, particularly in relation to girl power barbie

  8. Such lovely photos! Hope you are all having a great week xx