Wednesday, 17 July 2013

FO: Simplicity 2258 shorts

It's hot here and has been for over a week...for the -last week I felt I really wanted to wear shorts.  Skirts are great but not so good when I have spend  lot of time on the floor playing.  My favourite shorts are in the loft, don't ask, it's a long dull there was some sewing serendipity and luck at play this weekend when the dark blue fabric sent to me last summer by Jessica, met with a pattern that I nabbed in Phillippa's giveaway. How great is that?  It's a riposte to some friends of mine who dismissed sewing clothes as "too expensive"  - these shorts cost only a couple of pounds to make if I account for the ric rac trim and elastic from my stash.
I had initially planned trousers from Jessica's fabric but then started looking at shorts a while ago.  I loved the Ruby shorts from Burdastyle .  I know, I know, all the cool sewers made these several years ago....I never promise to be uptodate!   But I felt a bit to old and tubby tummied to be able to wear them.  When I saw Phillipa's Simplicity  2258 pattern in her recent giveaway, I immediately asked for it and was very pleased when it arrived as it has good potential for adaptations.  It also has a skirt and cropped trousers in the pattern.  The knee length skirt appeals to me.  So, here are some brief review type facts:
Size: UK 10 - cut out, no alterations
Fabric and notions: dark blue linen look sent by Jessica
red giant ric rac from stash and red buttons also gifted by Jessica
Time taken:  Cut out on friday, sewed up on saturday, hemmed, buttons on and tabs sewn sunday morning
Worn: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....can you guess how much they are filling a wardrobe gap in our current UK summer?

The pattern is only 5 pieces, including tabs for the hem and a nifty pocket lining/yoke piece which is folded after attaching to the pocket front to create a yoke and lining in one. 

At first I was stumped, looking for a separate pocket lining piece...then the penny dropped as I re-read the instructions.  Maybe I am too easily impressed but I thought this was a clever one piece pattern design and an idea I may copy in future.

I had the oversized red ric rac in my stash and used it on the pockets to add a bit of colour. I used vintage style red buttons on the tabs.  You can't see here but the buttons have pretty flowers painted on them.  As you can see I have had my little white legs out coated in factor 50!   
A massive thank to Jessica and Phillipa...I am just loving my new shorts......if you don't read their lovely blogs you should check them out! 


  1. I love how you used the ric-rac - brilliant!

  2. Ah, shorts! I love it if summer is warm enough to wear them!
    Yours look seriously cute, I love your ricrac detail and contrast buttons and cuff. :)

  3. They turned out really well! I like the turn up with button tab. It's lovely to see the pattern being used, so much better than it just sitting in my drawer! I agree sewing is as expensive as you make it. I follow some blogs where the writer buys all the latest patterns and only expensive designer fabrics, and at the other end of the scale there are people like me who do a lot of repurposing and thrifting and keep the cost right down. (Incidentally, I follow the first category of blogs because I am a bit curious as to what the latest thing is even if I am not going to sew it, and also how do they find the time/money?!)

  4. The shorts are cute, great for summer and that folded pocket sounds like a good idea!

  5. Dream shorts! They are ace, and love the zigga zigga factor too. Seriously I love the style and they seem to me to be the perfect comfy indispensable heat wave clothing. Love em. Btw, nice haircut- it suits you :-)

  6. Ooooooh - those are SUPER! They look incredibly comfy, but stylish to boot. Love the playfulness of the ric rac and red buttons, and those tabs are really nice at the cuff. Navy shorts seem like they go with everything :-). Agree with Winnie, the haircut suits you!

  7. They look great on you...and I adore the red ric rac

  8. Ahhh, these are so cute! I love the blue and red combo. :)

  9. Love the shorts! If you are interested in making more shorts, I have heard good things about Simplicity 7092 :)